Canadian twin classics

SvsS_900 classic 2SvsS_900 Classic 1SvsS_9000 AeroSvsS_rust

As far as Saab spotting goes, this year’s trip to Canada wasn’t a successful one, amidst a sea of bland cars I saw only a handful of Saabs, most as we were driving across Ontario, so I wasn’t able to take many photos.

However, my luck changed in the elegant Muskoka town of Gravenhurst, we’d stopped for the obligatory tourist wobble around and giant ice-cream when I saw not only one, but two classic Saabs parked outside a realtor on one of the town’s side streets.

The first was a beautiful red, well cared for 900 classic Turbo convertible whilst to other was a poorly looking black 9000 Aero. Rust had set in on the front and rear arches, the paintwork dull and interior used for a storage space, but in my eyes, well worth rescuing – if I lived in Canada I couldn’t have resisted attempting to save it though.

A number of nice 9-3 Aeros around and a 9-7 spotted in downtown Toronto, but not much else, I’ll try and do better next time.

2 thoughts on “Canadian twin classics

  1. Yes, spotting a Saab in Canada is a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack, so it’s a bit of a surprise and a pleasure when you do see one. Coming from a northern country they should have been more popular than they were. (Blame it on poor marketing?; high prices? a limited dealer network ?). Proportionally far fewer were sold here than south of the border, but a decent selection of the GM era models, and occasionally a C900 or 9000, can be found in the major urban centres (e.g. Vancouver, Montreal, London, Ottawa and, above all, the Greater Toronto Area). So better luck next time!

  2. Southern Ontario LOVES its road salt. Cars like that Aero are more the norm than the exception, once they hit that certain age. 900 convertibles vastly outnumber sedans or hatchbacks here (judging by what shows up in classified ads) because they were garaged in the winter.

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