Righting wrongs and wronging rights


The work continues on the 9-5 Aero Hirsch, it’s had it’s second trip to the folks at Malcolm Miles. New water pump, cam belt, sub frame bushes, new air con pipes to replace ones that had been warn through by constant rubbing with other pipes, and the manifold has been removed to replace broken studs together with a new gasket.

The drive is noticeably improved, no squeaking from the warn belt, no blowing from the manifold and the refreshed engine seems to be pulling beautifully. I’d forgotten just how well put together the 9-5s are – superbly relaxed and effortless in the city and manically fast when there are clear roads ahead.

My idea is to keep buying rare or unusual Saabs and bring them back to a standard that allows them to stay on the road for many more years. This one had obviously been lovingly cared for in the past, but recently has had less attention lavished on it. At the moment, I’m in two minds as to whether to have the bonnet and front grille resprayed, as the rest of the car seems to have the original paintwork, besides, I kind of like cars that tell a story.

I’ve also been repeatedly advised to swap the Hirsch alloys and pop them on my 9-3 convertible, the double Y spokes look fantastic on the 9-5s so that might be the next change, together with the addition of a boot lip to finish off the rear styling.

In the meantime, I’m hugely enjoying driving the 9-5, the new Hirsch carbon dash looks stunning and with the super rare luxury spec, the family are enjoying it too – the rear heated seats are an absolute dream on rainy days.

Oh, and it’s had a shiny new bonnet badge to claim back it’s proud identity.

6 thoughts on “Righting wrongs and wronging rights

  1. Always love things well made, and Saab 9-5 is one of them. I found one near my city and I’m in deal for It. High price and a lot of work to do, but if I buy It, I send you photos. For now, I’m working on a BMW k100 from 1985, another thing well built.

    Really like the work you do with this blog.
    Greetings from Italy

    • Ciao Simone, I’ve owned a number of 9-5 Aeros and loved every one of them, made in Trollhättan and totally over engineered, great for us, bad for Saab.

      Good luck with your possible purchase and please do share if you get it. Nice classic bike you’ve got too.

      Grazie, great comments on the blog always appreciated, they keep me going.

  2. The 9-5 looks amazing. I think you should keep the Hirsch alloys on the 9-5, and a Hirsch front bumper would really complete it! Although, I’d assume they’re not easy to come by.

    • Sadly, I tend to agree although the 9-3 will suffer without them I think – I could do with 2 sets 🙂 I had considered trying to source the front bumper but to be honest, I prefer the understated original, especially this generation.

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