And another Classic 900 Turbo


I know I’ve only just featured another gorgeous classic 900 Turbo from Taiwan recently, but after stumbling across this build, I couldn’t resist and had to share it. This one’s from the Netherlands, by a tuning house called KC Performance.

It’s the colour combo that got me – deep, rich carbon grey exterior with a completely bespoke, caramel brown, perforated leather interior, and it sure looks stunning. To me this is pretty much a perfect 900 Turbo, subtle styling details such as the lowered stance, white indicators and carbon touches, together with two tone Aero wheels give it an utterly timeless beauty.

Although the Saab has covered some 290,000 kilometres, the B202 engine has been subject to a complete rebuild and with the help of KC Performance mapping is now running a Stage 3 at around 240hp, a complete Simmons twin exhaust finishes things off nicely.

Full spec and refurb details here


6 thoughts on “And another Classic 900 Turbo

  1. Love that interior – might try something like that in future, probably better quality leather, too, than the OEM stuff, which I’m really unhappy with on both my 9-3 and 9-5, which is like vinyl..!

  2. Nice, I like the clear indicators too, its a pity there wasn’t an OEM clear rear indicator panel for the 900 as when the optional clear are added to the front corners and front wings you still have the red/orange at the rear 😦

    I’d have to have a play in one of these tuned models to see how they feel. With no ABS or traction control that 240bhp could be a scary proposition especially with torque steer and the understeer on corners. Chuck in some wet roads and the colour of those seats are probably well chosen.

    The level of technology in the modern day vehicles compared to these older classics, provide protection to drivers from themselves and the high engine power – rather than when these classics were current, designed to protect occupants from others.

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