Objet D’Aero


For the past few months, I’ve had everything required to take the 9-3 convertible to its next stage of tuning including a DO88 upgraded intercooler, Maptun hoses and BSR induction kit. But there’s been one item that has taken rather longer to arrive, a handcrafted down pipe by APH Performance.

When it finally arrived last week I realised it had been worth the wait, it really is a thing of beauty, in fact, it’s almost a shame to hide it away deep in the engine bay of the Aero, so I decided to take a few photos of it first, makers fingerprints included. It’s an all stainless steel construction, TIG welded and purged, v band joints and 3” free flow throughout, beautiful.

The convertible is already booked in at Malcolm Miles who will get it running close to 300hp when everything is fitted. It’ll also have another remap by Karl at Noob Tune just to make it run as sweet as it can.


16 thoughts on “Objet D’Aero

  1. Beautiful work there by Alan, as is his usual M.O.
    I wonder if he’s going to be manufacturing these puppies like he does for the NG9-3 and OG9-5?
    Got a couple of mates looking for downpipes for their OG’s so that’s a nice option for them..
    Thanks for posting Paul 🙂

      • Agreed 🙂
        Alan does some lovely work. Check out his bike pipes…gorgeous, serious pipe work porn lol
        Expect contact from one of my mates about this dp too 😉

  2. Nice to appreciate the engineering and skills, and have some great photos prior to installation too!

  3. And here’s me still piddling around with my ‘154bhp’. I suspect I’ve lost a few horses, but still goes 90-100 mph in a very happy manner. On the look-out for an auto Aero.

    Great looking exhaust – hope it gives you the expected ‘gains’ as they say in the gym. Like you, I find beauty in a lot of hidden parts – the turbo is something that has the potential to look awesome.

    Btw – I was thinking of ‘upgrading’ my floor mats on the ‘vert. Have you tried any of those aftermarket ‘cut to spec’ people?

  4. Hi , Alan’s work is very good and well worth the wait could you please tell me if the exhaust clears a subframe brace as I asked Alan the question and he never got back to me
    Many thanks Phil

  5. Luke, give Karl a call (Paul has provided a link). Your car will make 220bhp and 360nm torque (Stage1) with a few minutes of Karls time and an exchange of the Queens currency 😉 no other work is needed…however, better brakes are nice lol

  6. Thanks Paul , I hope all goes well when fitting the exhaust and I look foward to your next update regarding this
    Many thanks Phil

  7. look at those welds – man alive, they’re beautiful!

    I have the Maptun 3″ DP on my 9-3, i haven’t looked at it close-up for a while.. but as a slightly more mass-produced part I don’t expect it will compete.

  8. Pipe Porn, DP’s, BHP and now you’re giving me mat envy!! (Took me a moment to work out what DP’s actually were at first). Those pipes really are beauties.

    • Hi Phil, I picked the 9-3 up when I returned from Copenhagen, WOW 🙂 I thought the Stage 1 change was dramatic, but this Stage 4 (ish) has blown me away. The APH downpipe by Al went on a treat with just the smallest amount of refinement, and together with the Do88 intercooler and BSR induction kit, it’s made a massive difference. The sound is divine and it pulls ridiculously well with almost no limit (besides legal ones 🙂 It’s a seriously exciting car to drive, but actually needs a bit more respect as I think it has the potential to go wayward given the opportunity.

  9. Thanks for the reply Paul , I’m glad all went well with the exhaust fitting
    All the best Phil

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