Raw Saabs


Having run Saab vs. Scepticism for over 4 years now, one of the questions I get asked most is “can I still get parts if I buy a Saab”. I seem to have been super lucky with the folks at Malcolm Miles, as they’ve been able to source any part we’ve required without trouble.

But what’s so great about the Saab community is that you’ll constantly discover new people and places with the same passion for keeping our Saabs on the road and Raw Saab is one of them. Peter Raw contacted me about my 9-5 Aero Hirsch, and let slip that he also runs a small, dedicated Saab parts and cars company, mostly specialising in OG 9-3 and 9-5 parts, but can also lay his hands on plenty of other parts too.

It really is a treasure trove, and I was amazed at the value compared to other suppliers. So next time you need something, get in touch with these folks and see if they can help. Great work Raw Saab.

6 thoughts on “Raw Saabs

  1. Nice to hear that.. I’ve also got a 9-3 Aero and I know that sometimes parts can be difficult to find. But here your are.. a brand new spot just in case you need something for your ride. Anyway, owning a Saab makes you feel special 🙂 Here’s my car btw 😀

  2. Great little treasure chest! And Pete is very reasonably priced and extremely communicative.

    He’s so far furnished me with one of those oh-so-hard-to-find 9-3 Aero HOT jacking point covers for a sill and is possibly sending an Aero HOT rear bumper my way, once he’s sent me photos of the example he has.

    Excellent service, highly recommended.

  3. aye, mr Peter Raw is a good guy! we have some parts we’ve bought fr his establishment! You know he sells Saab bits all over the world ! in fact, is anyone coming to the states the US and could bring a rare Abbott racing spoiler ? and some side skirts ? (too long to ship ! ) – but people bring snow skis don’t they ? or does someone know of a company shipping parts here w/ some room in a container? thanks, amigo fr Arizona USA!

  4. mr Raw , a good businessman and (AHEM ) unlike some time waster breakers I can think of ………. will sell and ship all over the world!

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