Things take time


It’s been a while since my last post, sadly, motivation has seemed to be rather low, but in the meantime, the 900 has been well and truly put through it’s paces. We’ve done almost 3,000 miles in it since it’s recovery, everything from driving lessons to road trips to Wales, it’s sat in heavy traffic, darted along winding country roads and cruised happily along motorways.

For the life of me I can’t understand why more people don’t embrace older cars as daily drivers, the 900 is ridiculously comfortable, it has electric windows and a quiet sunroof, it’s well mannered around town and has a gorgeously distinct burble when you put your foot down, it also commands quite a bit of attention. Young and old just can’t help giving it the thumbs up, from a bunch of hipster skateboarders to a very smart gentleman who couldn’t resist telling me how much he loved Saabs – he’d owned a few in the past and longed to own another.

The work continues though, the sunroof leaks when it rains heavily, the windscreen washer pipes have become brittle and keep falling off, and the new Turbo cluster still isn’t quite right, what I mean by that, is that smoke starts pouring out if I turn off the lights, and there’s no illumination at night.

We’ve also discovered the passenger side arch still has some rust that needs sorting, but lets face it, it doesn’t stop you driving and things just take time.

I’ve managed to source a set of roof bar towers and will be attempting to find some nice spotlights to keep the ‘Swedish Wilderness’ look on track.

The search also continues for something aptly unique to replace the 9-3 Aero convertible, although I’ve been wishing I hadn’t sold the 9-5 Hirsch, that was pretty rare.

13 thoughts on “Things take time

  1. Looks great! The 900 really has that iconic Saab shape. Regarding the replacement of the 9-3 Aero convertible: would you consider a 9-3 Aero convertible from the 2nd generation 9-3? I own one since a couple of months and really love it!

  2. Lovely post , looks nice 900. I’d be happy to sell my 9-5 aero hirsch on 2005 plate, smoke baige all the toys , all the paper work , 2 keys , Abbott bits too, just sits in heated garage on trickle charge , as just don’t get the time to enjoy , should I sell , or just keep, not many around, and that go,s for any 9-5 let alone a genuine hirsch spec 305 , with a bit more ,

  3. That looks like an absolute cracker of a machine. I hadn’t realised you had bought a 900 classic. Some day I’ll sort myself one out. Just have to put up with my 97 9000 Anniversary which I love to bits. Best £700 I’ve ever spent.

  4. Hi keep calm my 900 T16 Aero 1984 is still going strong DK without your describes “problems”
    Problems of this art can be solved – keep on rocking.
    Saab driver and ovner of more than 5 spcial Saab-cars for more than 40 years.
    Jørgen – Denmark….

    • Hey, 40 years, exceptional. I’m on around 15 Saabs now but still counting, the small problems with the 900 are easily overcome and am looking forward to enjoying it for many more years 🙂

  5. I feel neglected,have you not considered the Viggen?mine is called Hooligan and just looking at it brings a smile to my face.have owned most of the iconic Saabs over 25 odd years and this is defiantly the best as long as you treat it with respect and caution! Love your blog.

  6. Yes! Was wondering how this was coming, sounds like it’s going very well. I absolutely agree with your running older cars part. My commute is a 50 mile country road and I spend every minute staring at an endless stream of Hyundais and Skodas and VWs. All diesel. I take great pleasure overtaking them in my 9-5 or 9-3 ‘vert, especially the latter, which gets a lot of looks. I overtook a nice old lady in a mint 9-5 recently and glanced in the rear-view mirror: she gave me a thumbs up.

    Anything after ~2000 I find very boring these days, it’s like the marketing men went into full swing and the cars became exactly the same. The 90s was the last of the good cars imo, as they had better techniques for manufacture via bots, and just enough computers in the cars to help out rather than hinder, and they were just safe enough, too. Now everything has to be Euro-X compliant and NCAP compliant cookie-cut.

    Your 900 is awesome. Your 9-3 ‘vert was awesome. Get another car: it’s likely to be awesome.

    Now I’m off for a spin in my ‘vert. New shocks on the way.

    Btw, would love to see more shots of your 900.

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