Rebirth of the High Mile Club

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So I’ve had a bit of a break from running the blog, the domain lapsed and stuff just got left, and although I’m still currently Saabless, I felt the need to get up and running again. To me, Saabs are and always will be simply stunning cars, they’ve become part of our family, a tradition that will pass through generations, a truly unique and timeless car that deserves to be honoured.

As you all know, I’d established the High Mile Club a few years back, but this platform wasn’t conducive to maintaining it as I’d have liked too, so I’ve been busy reestablishing the club elsewhere.

Huge question, do I continue to rebuild it or not, is it something people still like, and what do you all think of the new format ?

The criteria used to be 100,000 Miles, but as our Saabs get older and continue to be driven and enjoyed, the new criteria of 150,000 Miles seems more realistic. If you’d like your Saab featured, feel free to join the club by filling in the form here.

6 thoughts on “Rebirth of the High Mile Club

  1. I’ve really missed your posts and encourage you to continue as and when you can. I own a classic 900 16v turbo and am an enthusiast who’s already spent 10k on an engine refit and catching my breath before getting aesthetics sorted. Many thanks for all your posts and stories. They are beautifully written! Cheers, Jeremy W

    • Hey Jeremy, nice to hear, thank you. I’m attempting to pull things back together and might just need to point folks to a different domain, however, it’s getting there, the High Mile Club is a great starting point. Would love to see / share your classic 900 story though. Thanks for the comment and support.

  2. I always enjoyed your site: interesting, well written articles and great photos. The High Mile Club was an especially unique feature. It would be great to see it back.

  3. Hi there, Surely you should continue your posts about ALL Saab’s even if it’s below 100K or above? you have a natural flair that your readers love! you don’t need to own to appreciate them!

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