High Mile Saab Stories

svss_900i Story

Whilst the High Mile Club has steadily gained momentum and members, I’ve been amassing plenty of wonderful stories that come with these high mile Saabs, and I thought it was about time I started to share the odd one or two.

Rather than editing, I’ll share as I received them; unabridged, that way, we can all enjoy the passion felt for our high mile Saabs.

This was one of the early high mile members, a beautiful classic 900i convertible from Belgium with 261,564 Km.

I had my first Saab (green 99) in the seventies. It was a company car and I liked it very much. Later I had other jobs but no Saab anymore. One day, somewhere late nineties, my wife needed a new car and I saw this red Saab 900i convertible for sale (second hand). I told my wife, we went immediately to see our local Saab dealer and bought it on the spot. The car is a 1990 model.

My wife drove it daily until she died 2 years ago. I decided not to sell it ( I have a second car), I still drive it daily leaving my other car in the car park. It is really fun to drive this Saab, especially in warm weather with the open roof. Even my children come and use it by sunny weather.”

More high mile stories to come.

The 900 returns under the cover of night Part II

svss_Classic 900 1svss_Classic 900 2svss_Classic 900 3

Unfortunately, not to me though.

I received an interesting email from Fahad yesterday, he’d just purchased my classic 900 convertible – from a salvage yard.

How did that happen? Just under 2 years ago, it had received plenty of love from the folks at Abbott Racing, the interior had been removed, cleaned, fed and reinstalled, I’d found a gorgeous set of rare Carlsson alloys and had plenty of other stuff done to it.

I begrudgingly had to sell, but it went to a great guy who’d always wanted a classic 900, i didn’t hear anything about it for the following year and then I spotted it driving through my home town, all still looked pretty special. Since then it’s fortunes seemed to have changed, what happened and how did it end up at a salvage yard in Cornwall?

Luckily, it’s been rescued by Fahad at Premier Tuning, and he’s passionate about Saabs. Over the coming year or so, he’ll be renovating and retuning this rare convertible to better than factory standards, I’ll try and post updates as and when I can, but you’ll be able to follow its progress over on Premier Tuning’s Facebook page.

Can’t wait to see the finished result, so glad this car has been saved, again.

A real Saab Woman

svss_A Real Saab Woman

Last week I posted an article about women and their Saabs, and within a few hours I’d received the following correspondence from Lynda, judge for yourselves, but I think she’s a real Saab woman :

As a woman, and an owner of two Saabs, (Talladega Red 1992 “S” Cabrio, named Miss Scarlet, and a Fijord Blue 2011 9-5 Turbo-4 Premium with 6-Speed Manual, named Prince Charming), I have lots of opinions about Saabs.

My son told me that if I “went turbo” I would never go back. Miss Scarlet, though she is not turbo, is a wonderful companion. She, like me, is a little old, and a little slow–but we do surprise the “civilians” with our verve and zippiness. She is my special car for special days.

My 9-5 Turbo-4 is my daily driver, and as as real estate professional, I drive a lot! The 9-5 is super-comfy for me, though my husband really prefers his 9000 Aero for comfort. My 9-5 can get me in a lot of trouble in a real hurry! One day I was passed by another NG 9-5, and in keeping pace I was doing nearly a 100mph before I realized it. I love the power and the precise handling.

When Saab announced bankruptcy, I was determined to have an example of the “last Saab”. I drove the Turbo-4 automatic, the Turbo-6 Automatic, and the manual shift. Only the manual shift offered the nimble response I expect from a Saab. They are both beautiful cars, and I love their lines.

The next addition to my personal fleet will be a 9-3 Sport Combi to replace a rusty, used-up Chrysler minivan. Does anybody out there know of a nice one for sale, preferably with manual transmission?

Lynda, thank you for sharing your Saab story and for sending in the great photo, much enjoyed and appreciated.

Free Saab Alloys

Free Alloys900 with Super Aero alloys

Seeing as Christmas is a time for giving, I thought I’d spread a bit of Saab love and see if anyone would like a free set of alloys.

As some of you may know, I had a classic Saab 900 Convertible recently, I took the original 15” Super Aero alloys off and replaced them with a set of Carlsson alloys instead.

Originally, the Super Aeros were two tone with a graphite centre, but the previous owner had them refinished in silver, they could really do with with blasting and taking back to two tone again, but they have a decent set of tyres on and are ready to go.

If there is a 900 owner out there who would like them, it would be great for them to go to a good Saab home, you’ll need to come and pick them up from Leicestershire (England) but they’re free, all I’d ask for is a picture of them fitted sometime.

Email me if you’d like a belated Christmas treat.

So long 900

svss_900 Leaving

Over the weekend, I sold my classic 900 convertible, as I watched it being driven off into the sunset; roof down, I felt a touch of Saab sadness creep in. I’m happy to say though, it went to a really nice guy who also loves and appreciates Saabs. What’s more, he has a garage to keep the 900 a little more cosseted than I’ve been able too.

I’ve enjoyed an amazing 18 months of classic convertible heaven, I’ve lavished both time and money on this iconic Saab and enjoyed our time together, but now it’s time to begin the search for something new.

Today, I woke up and our driveway felt somewhat empty, the 900 has left a gap in-between our two 9-3’s, and is longing to be filled. I’m looking forward to beginning the search for my next Saab project, I have just 2 Saabs on my mind, the first is a 9000 Aero (which I haven’t had the pleasure of owning before) and the other is an early 9-3 HOT Aero convertible.

I’ll miss the 900, but I’ll also love the chance to find another Saab to enjoy. So long mighty 900.

Convertible days are here again

svss_900-3svss_900-2svss_900 1svss_900-6svss_900-4svss_900-5svss_900 7

Slowly I see signs of Spring, warmer days, soft blue skies and a freshness that makes you smile. So, with a few days away from work, it seemed like the ideal chance to drop the top and enjoy the pleasures of the 900 convertible.

Cleaned and polished, it’s hard to just hop in and go, so I took the time to admire (and photograph) this iconic Saab. Everywhere you look, there appears to be automotive beauty waiting to greet your eyes, the immaculate horizontal lines running the entire length of the car, the bonnet, the gorgeous curve of the windscreen and, of course, the Carlsson alloys.

I’ve enjoyed giving the entire interior a bit of tlc over Winter, and it’s nice to see the results under the sky at last. The leather seats are supple and luxuriously comfortable again, and I’ve put the wind deflector back in.

I love this car with the roof up, but nothing quite prepares you for just how timeless the 900 looks with it down.

I finally climbed in and took it for a 100 mile run, country lanes mostly, but a few fast roads to clear away the Winter cobwebs. I’ve also had time to enjoy the changes made by the guys at Abbott Racing, and they feel good. It feels faster and unbelievably smooth, the handling is still seriously tight, but above all, it feels reassuringly Saab, it puts a smile on your face only a Saab convertible can.

I happily returned home not realising I’d been gone for a few hours, that’s what Saab convertibles do, they make you lose yourself in the moment.

If anyone fancies one of these iconic 900 convertibles, this one will be for sale very soon. I won’t go in to details right now, but I’m carefully plotting my next Saab project, so if you’re interested, pop me an email (before Spring really gets going).