Saab Swap

So, rather than me continuing my search for a new Saab on EBay / Autotrader / Gumtree / ClassicCarsForSale etc, I had an idea, why not see if another Saabist wants a swap.

What I’m after is a 9000 Aero, manual, well looked after and with a sunroof if possible, can be a bit stanced and tuned although that’s also what I’d like to do when I find the right one. Needs to be lower than 200,000 miles and have a decent service history, any colour except red or white would suit fine, but Sabre Green, Black or Dark Grey perfect, oh and have Aero / super Aero alloys or something a bit different.

What would you get in return?  A very lovely, fast, reliable 9-3 HOT Aero convertible that’s been lavished with goodies for the past couple of years. Running at around 280+ hp, (think Viggen, but better). Lowered with a Bilstein / Maptun setup, new Bridgestone Potanza all round, stainless steel exhaust, new turbo, clutch…the list goes on.

I was planning to pop it on EBay at around £3,000, so that’s the kind of 9000 Aero value I’d be after.

Anyone got itchy Saab feet?  Inbox open


This for this

Saabotage 7


Saab Czech Style


Some of you might have heard of Garage Machacek in the Czech Republic as I featured it a few months ago. Seems like a place that has an absolute passion for Saabs and a desire to keep as many of them on the roads as possible.

I’ve now discovered yet another site dedicated to Saab and run by the very same folks, it’s called Saab Stance. Again, it features some gorgeous photography by Luke Ráček – all have a beautiful tone to them that perfectly suits the Saabs, ranging from a very Hirsched 9-5 and classic 9000 Aero, to a few great 9-3s.

Nice to see such dedication to our ever rarer Saabs – sites like this seem to amplify their timelessness and iconic design and reinforce pride for all owners, great work.


Probably the best seats in the world

SvsS_Aero 1 SvsS_Aero 2 SvsS_Aero 4 SvsS_Aero 5 SvsS_Aero 6 SvsS_Aero 7 SvsS_Aero_3

SvsS_Full Aero Seat

Ever since I first fell in love with Saabs there has been one particular car that fuelled the obsession, the Saab 9000 Aero. If I’m honest  it was the interior that excited me almost as much as the car itself, those amazingly curvaceous seats, once sat in, the feeling is never forgotten. To me, these are the seats that helped give Saab the reputation for creating the best car seats in the world.

Recently, I’ve been lucky enough to meet another great Saab lover, he drove from Ireland to pick up the 900 alloys I’d offered a few months back. He has a great collection of Saabs including a couple of 900’s a 9-3 SportCombi and a fantastic 9000 Aero. After chatting for a while, it turned out that he’d got a spare 9000 Aero interior he didn’t need, how could I resist?

For the time being, they’re residing in our living room and will eventually form part of  another Saab project, until then though I can admire their exquisite detailing. Over the years since I first saw them, they haven’t lost any of their beauty, they’ve got an exceptionally timeless shape and design and are as comfortable as I remember.

If only every car seat were as good as these.

Saab 9000 Form & Function

Saab 9000 Form & FunctionSaab 9000 On the RoadSaab RoadholdingSaab 9000 Instrument ClusterSaab 9000 Interior

My love affair with the iconic 9000 continues, I have plans afoot to find an Aero in need of a bit of TLC and a touch of uniqueness. For the time being though I have to console myself with other people’s cars, great images and the odd jewel I discover – like an immaculate 1989 brochure for instance.

I found this wonderful 95 page brochure dedicated to the pure Form & Function of the Saab 9000, I love the fact that it contains literally hundreds of beautifully crafted technical illustrations – how the many Saab innovations work, comfort, safety, it’s all in here. Just look at the rear seats in supple tan leather (I can almost smell the Saabness) and that instrument cluster, stunning.

Such an iconic car, and to me, one of the finest Saabs ever built.

So long 900

svss_900 Leaving

Over the weekend, I sold my classic 900 convertible, as I watched it being driven off into the sunset; roof down, I felt a touch of Saab sadness creep in. I’m happy to say though, it went to a really nice guy who also loves and appreciates Saabs. What’s more, he has a garage to keep the 900 a little more cosseted than I’ve been able too.

I’ve enjoyed an amazing 18 months of classic convertible heaven, I’ve lavished both time and money on this iconic Saab and enjoyed our time together, but now it’s time to begin the search for something new.

Today, I woke up and our driveway felt somewhat empty, the 900 has left a gap in-between our two 9-3’s, and is longing to be filled. I’m looking forward to beginning the search for my next Saab project, I have just 2 Saabs on my mind, the first is a 9000 Aero (which I haven’t had the pleasure of owning before) and the other is an early 9-3 HOT Aero convertible.

I’ll miss the 900, but I’ll also love the chance to find another Saab to enjoy. So long mighty 900.

A priceless gift for a Saabist and collector of nice things

svss_9000 Anniversary Coversvss_9000 anniversary seat detail

Earlier this week, a friend said he had something for me; a box full of old Saab Club magazines going right back to the late 80’s. I was a very happy man.

And, as if this wasn’t already enough to make me smile, I discovered a collection of Saab brochures going right back to the late 80’s, I even found a Saab Carlsson Performance Range brochure.

Needless to say, I’ll be doing my very best to scan them all in and share them with everyone over the coming weeks, but one in-particular caught my eye from 1997, the Saab 9000 Anniversary Edition.

It features a stunning black 9000 with a two tone, sand beige leather interior with alpaca inlays, and has a rare aircraft monogram on the backrest cushions of the front and rear seats. I also love the special edition wood and leather steering wheel too.

I can just image how good this Saab must have felt for the lucky few who picked one up, brand spanking new from their Saab showroom.

Enjoy : Saab_9000 Anniversary Edition_Brochure 1997

How low can your Saab go?

Spotted this fantastically low 9000 Aero over on Stanceworks. I love to see Saabs like this, It’s kind of refreshing.

It’s not a showroom piece by any stretch of the imagination, but that makes it all the more interesting. Someone is not only adding a huge amount of individual style to it, but also helping to keep yet another great Saab on the road.

Wrote a bit more on similar Saabs a while back; the Rat Look, and this 9000 features some of the same characteristics, including mismatching Aero leather interior, badly fitting grille and a good helping of surface rust, all of which create a totally unique style.

I’ll keep searching for low Saabs to showcase, but if anyone owns or spots one, send it in, It’s great to see Saabs from all walks of life.

Couldn’t resist adding this comment I found in the same Stanceworks thread “I Love Saab’s. They are, as said, under appreciated and for the most part driven by enthusiasts and real interesting people”