Convertible days are here again

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Slowly I see signs of Spring, warmer days, soft blue skies and a freshness that makes you smile. So, with a few days away from work, it seemed like the ideal chance to drop the top and enjoy the pleasures of the 900 convertible.

Cleaned and polished, it’s hard to just hop in and go, so I took the time to admire (and photograph) this iconic Saab. Everywhere you look, there appears to be automotive beauty waiting to greet your eyes, the immaculate horizontal lines running the entire length of the car, the bonnet, the gorgeous curve of the windscreen and, of course, the Carlsson alloys.

I’ve enjoyed giving the entire interior a bit of tlc over Winter, and it’s nice to see the results under the sky at last. The leather seats are supple and luxuriously comfortable again, and I’ve put the wind deflector back in.

I love this car with the roof up, but nothing quite prepares you for just how timeless the 900 looks with it down.

I finally climbed in and took it for a 100 mile run, country lanes mostly, but a few fast roads to clear away the Winter cobwebs. I’ve also had time to enjoy the changes made by the guys at Abbott Racing, and they feel good. It feels faster and unbelievably smooth, the handling is still seriously tight, but above all, it feels reassuringly Saab, it puts a smile on your face only a Saab convertible can.

I happily returned home not realising I’d been gone for a few hours, that’s what Saab convertibles do, they make you lose yourself in the moment.

If anyone fancies one of these iconic 900 convertibles, this one will be for sale very soon. I won’t go in to details right now, but I’m carefully plotting my next Saab project, so if you’re interested, pop me an email (before Spring really gets going).



The Saab 900 returns under the cover of night

Last night, Abbott Racing very quietly delivered my classic Saab 900 convertible safely back home. It’s been with them for the past 3 weeks on a kind of health break for a Saab, but there’s really nothing to show for it’s time away except for a discreet Abbott Racing badge on the boot lid.

Besides a new MOT and a small spot of welding work in the rear wheel arch, the things that have been done are all hidden, all there to make the classic Saab run more beautifully including :

New radiator
New upgraded ECU
Upgraded 3.3 bar fuel regulator
Aluminium dump valve
ITG performance air filter

When I realised Abbott had delivered the car, I grabbed the keys and headed out for a quick test drive, initially it was difficult to feel any difference, except the Saab felt smoother and tighter, but not a vast change overall.

Morning came, I’ve driven to work in the convertible, and the difference is beginning to shine through, the car really does feel a lot tighter and sharper, almost as I’d expect a new 900 to feel. But where the real change is noticeable is the mid to high range response; past 2500rpm, the Saab really picks up beautifully, you can feel the Turbo working harder, delivering smoother power throughout the gear range, and it didn’t stop, very quickly reaching 100+ (private roads of course) without much sign of curving off.

The distinct burble of the 900 seems to have been softly enhanced by the changes, and the ITG filter adds a pleasing grunt on acceleration, I like it. It’s revitalised the 900, and I’m looking forward to many miles of fun in the future.

I’m already planning its next visit to Abbott, this time for a full stainless steel exhaust, and maybe a set of upgraded brakes, for now though, everything’s good, thanks again Abbott, you haven’t disappointed.

An Abbott Racing holiday for the 900. Part II

The guys at Abbott very kindly sent a couple more pictures of the 900 in the workshop today, and besides being treated to all its Abbott goodies you’ll notice it was in great company too. I’m still not sure if they wanted to make me jealous, or wanted to remind me just how stylish the classic Saab 900 convertible is, but they’ve done both.

Thanks guys, still looking forward to the 900 coming home next week, but if you dropped the Ferrari off instead, that would be fine too.

An Abbott Racing holiday for the 900

Last week, the 900 convertible was picked up by none other than Abbott Racing; the masters of Saab Tuning here in the UK, and taken away for what can only be described as a luxury spa break for a Saab.

However, the story really began a few years ago when I bought a 9-3 convertible from them. It had been given the Abbott treatment, including an ECU upgrade, full stainless steel exhaust, sports suspension, the lot, an amazing Saab, and one I regretted ever selling, I soon vowed, that one day, another of my Saabs would go back for a bit of Abbott loving, and what better car to go than the classic 900.

Unfortunately, it won’t get everything it needs this time, but it should be a great start. Over the past week, it’s had a new MOT (which it passed except for a spot of welding in the rear wheel arch), a brand new radiator, and today the guys have told me it’s been treated to Abbott Racing’s famous 900 ECU upgrade together with an upgraded fuel regulator to cope with the extra power, a billet aluminium dump valve and an ITG performance filter.

From my experience with the Abbott 9-3, the difference is seriously noticeable, and I can’t wait for them to deliver the classic 900 back next week so I can hop in and take it for a test run. The changes aren’t visual, but I’m sure I’ll grab a few snaps of the happy 900, even if it is just to show the discreet Abbott Racing badge on the back.

So for now, thanks to everyone at Abbott for pampering my Saab, and I look forward to writing about the difference you’ve made.