Stay Original

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Pleased to see some investment being put into Saab Parts here in the UK. The new ‘Saab Original’ website in nicely designed and on-brand and gives a sense of reassurance to folks wanting to maintain their Saabs using original parts. With so much propaganda surrounding supply, it’s good to see Orio supporting the future.

We’re also lucky to have so many seriously dedicated Saab specialists in the UK too, folks who care about keeping Saabs going. Neo Brothers just get better, their service and knowledge is second to none, whilst Abbott Racing continue to tune Saabs to perfection.

We’ve also got literally hundreds of local specialists to be thankful for, one of which just happens to be on my doorstep – Malcolm Miles. With over 30 years Saab experience, I truly believe there isn’t a single problem Jason and his team couldn’t solve, what’s more, they’ve never yet encountered a problem sourcing parts, no wonder they’re always so busy.

The future’s looking bright.