Gathered under stormy skies


This weekend saw an impressive gathering of Saabs, new, old and rare for the 2017 Saab Owners Club SaabFest UK. The gathering took place in Hatton Country World, Warwickshire, which proved to be a pretty special location – plenty of space to really showcase our cars.

Sadly, being my disorganised self, I only found out about the event two days before so could only go for one day, I would have loved to get stuck in, chatted Saabs and drunk a few beers for the night, next year maybe.

Needless to say, it was an absolute delight to see so many cars, I’d say close to 500, including a handful of beautifully turned out Sonnetts a unique Saab Friction Test car, some super rare Carlssons and enough others to represent the entire Saab line up from beginning to end, even a spectacularly beautiful 9-3 Independence convertible turned up.

Even though I’ve owned some 15 Saabs and counting, I still feel inspired when I see how much love and attention goes in to keeping these cars on the road. In recent years many Saabs have been scrapped for various reasons, but there continues to be a loyal cult following with an unfading appetite to care for, customise and manufacture bespoke kit to keep the rest going for many, many more years to come – including myself.

Part of the pleasure of these events for me, is being able to take a few photos of other owner’s Saabs – collected to share, inspire and reference against on future projects, I usually over indulge, so will need to spread the love over a few posts.

Thanks to Saab Owners Club for organising such a great gathering, I’d suggest Hatton might be an ideal location for future events, with room for plenty more cars to join us.

p.s. If your Saab’s featured, I really hope you don’t mind, and congratulations, they’re all amazing cars, we should be massively proud of them.



More photos to follow soon.

Saab Reflections

svss_refelctions 3svss_reflection 1svss_reflections 2svss_Reflections 4

I gave the Aero a much deserved clean today – after breaking the roof and having it fixed one day then promptly ripping off the front bumper the next, it really did deserve it.

Once i’d finished, it wasn’t the overall cleanliness that caught my eye, it was the gorgeous reflections being cast over it, not only that, but the glimpses of the interior through the reflections – just so Saab.  A bit of indulgent photography, but we all need it sometimes.

Spectacular Saab 99

SvsS_Saab 99 Saab Planet

I’ve been a fan of the Saab blog, Saab Planet for a while now, and whilst flicking through a few posts recently, I happened across this spectacular photograph of a Saab 99, it really is stunning.

I’ve tried to photograph our Saabs like this a few times and have never really managed this level of clarity except for the 9-3 Hirsch front grille, I’ll have to try harder next time.

SvsS_Saab 9-3 Grille

Just found the other picture I was searching for, same style, different Saab, gorgeous.


Saab Flickr Fantastic

SvsS on Flickr

I’ve been rather neglectful of SvsS lately, things have been hectic to say the least, but my love for Saab remains pure.

After selling the gorgeous 900 convertible I planned to begin the search for another ‘project’ an early 9-3 HOT Aero Convertible or a 9000 Aero maybe, it hasn’t happened as yet, but it will.

In the meantime I continue to upload hi res Saab images on to my Flickr account, and I have to say, they’re really raised their game; new layout , display matrix and and enhanced look, it looks fantastic.  Entire spreads of Saabs, who could ask for more? My favourites seem to be displayed similarly too, bonus.

I’ll be getting back to writing more posts very soon, but until then, go over to Flickr, and search Saab Cars, I’m a happy man.

Saab Winterings

SvsS_Saab In SnowSvsS_Saab in Snow 2SvsS_Saab in Snow 3SvsS_Saab in Snow 4

It’s been difficult weather here in the UK, especially for taking photos of Saabs, wind, rain, hail, you name it, we’ve had it. But then came the snow and ice; crisp mornings, where everything looks as though it’s been painted white, so out came the camera.

The car isn’t clean, but I love the contrast between the deep grey and white, and it reminds me just how exceptional the 9-3’s design is.

As the snow falls, I can’t help feeling a little snug that I drive Saabs, they’re great in this kind of weather. My old 9-5 Aero auto, had a very special W button, it had magic powers, press it, and driving in Winter conditions was a real pleasure. The 9-3 is a manual, but I’m always amazed at how well it handles in the snow, and as for the 900 classic, brilliant, it must be the weight of the thing.

And did I mention the other Saab innovation that I just couldn’t live without in Winter, the heated seats, oh and…

Born from jets maybe, but I prefer Saabs firmly stuck to the runway

On my daily journey to work, I happen to pass a segment of disused airport which has been decommissioned for many years now. I believe it’s privately owned and generally used for crop growing, however, parts of the old runway surface remain.

It may be Saab’s aviation heritage drawing me in, or it may just be that it’s a stunning spot for taking the odd photo, either way, I can’t resist pulling in when the gates are left open. It’s a kind of desolate place; the surrounding land flat with few trees, and when nature blesses us with dramatic skies, it creates to perfect backdrop.

I’ve featured photos of a gorgeous 9-5 Aero taken here in the past, but not many of my 9-3. A few weeks ago, I found the gates open, and had my camera with me, so I turned the Saab onto the runway and grabbed a few photos whilst I could.