Saab Czech Style


Some of you might have heard of Garage Machacek in the Czech Republic as I featured it a few months ago. Seems like a place that has an absolute passion for Saabs and a desire to keep as many of them on the roads as possible.

I’ve now discovered yet another site dedicated to Saab and run by the very same folks, it’s called Saab Stance. Again, it features some gorgeous photography by Luke Ráček – all have a beautiful tone to them that perfectly suits the Saabs, ranging from a very Hirsched 9-5 and classic 9000 Aero, to a few great 9-3s.

Nice to see such dedication to our ever rarer Saabs – sites like this seem to amplify their timelessness and iconic design and reinforce pride for all owners, great work.


Speedhunter Saabs

SvsS_96 WagonSvsS_9-3 Viggen

It’s always fantastic when I stumble across Saabs i’ve never seen before, and i’ve just spotted a couple over on – a pretty special looking 96 wagon resting on immaculate Porsche Fuchs alloys and a low, sexy 9-3 Viggen in a gorgeous canery yellow.

Haven’t spent any longer over there, but if I discover any more I’ll share them.

Hoods Up

svss_900 Hood Up-Front sidesvss_900 Hood Up-Sidesvss_900 Hood Up-Rear

Not sure about anyone else, but I find it difficult to think of convertibles with their hoods up, after all we buy them for the freedom of open top driving – the hoods hidden away in clever automated compartments for the most part.

When you take time to look at some older convertibles with their hood up, most seem to be design afterthoughts with inferior dynamics, but Saab got it pretty nailed down. The 900 looks as gorgeous with the hood up as it does down, the lines flow seamlessly, the rear glass window doesn’t stick out and it forms a quiet, watertight interior for when the weather’s not so good.

Things have moved on in the seventeen years since this 900 first hit the road, but I’m not entirely sure how many other marques have got a convertible quite as spot on as Saab.

Fixes required:

Front and bumper to paint
Headlight wiper motor to replace

Field of Dreams

svss_93 Field of Dreams 1svss_93 Field of Dreams 2svss_93 Field of Dreams 4svss_93 Field of Dreams 5svss_93 Field of Dreams 6

Last week the weather was perfect for driving the 900 convertible, but this week it’s back to the mighty 9-3. With a spare hour over the weekend, I managed to give it a quick clean – the first it’s had for well over a month.

I’m always amazed at how beautiful it looks when it’s clean, unfortunately though, being clean highlights things I need to give some attention too. It’s 3 years old now, and has a couple of small war wounds; stone chips to the front bumper, a small run in with an unfriendly kerb, and an antisocial idiot mark on the bonnet, all small things, but to keep the car in perfect condition, they need sorting.

Taking photographs of the Saab also gives me a rare opportunity to stand back and admire it for a moment. It really is an amazing design, it’s aged exceptionally well and feels as fresher and more exciting than many new cars do today.

Asked if I’d by one new today, the answer would be a resounding yes, after all, what other car has this much individuality?


SvsS_Lowered 900

For the past few days the 900 has been in the Bond Street workshops being treated to a new set of Abbott Racing springs. Having been some of the first to successfully race the 900, they really do know how to get these cars to handle exceptionally well.

I’ve only had a set of the lowered and stiffened springs fitted, but wow, what a difference, the 20 mile drive home felt like I was in a different Saab – firmer with more poise to the steering, superior cornering and a tighter feel altogether.

Just as importantly, they’ve lowered the 900 by at least 30mm and the new 9-5 Aero 17’ alloys fit in there beautifully now.

Thanks to the folks at Abbott Racing and Bond Street for yet more great support, I’m sure there’ll be plenty more things to sort out in the coming months.

Right, what next?

Saab Stance

Stance 8Stance 5Stance 4Stance 1Stance 2Stance 3Stance 6Stance 7

I’ve long been a fan of Stanceworks – a website dedicated to extreme automotive lowness, it features cars so impossibly low they have just millimetres of tyre and ground clearance. Love them or hate them, you have to admire the refinement of their craft, and some of the photography is just down right gorgeous.

You may be surprised that over the years, there have been a host of extreme Saabs featured, everything from classic 900s and 9000s to 9-3s and 9-5s including a few SportCombis.

If your Saab is featured, I hope you don’t mind me showcasing it – spread the Saab love I say.

Chopped SportCombi

SvsS_93 SportCombi Photoshop

Ever wonder what a car would look like if…

I find myself asking this on a regular basis, call it inquisitiveness but I’ve always wondered what our SportCombi would look like if we chopped a few inches of the roofline, and that’s where Photoshop comes in.

A couple of marques have done this recently, reduced the hight of the roof and create elegant slithers of glass – it works, I kind of like it with the gorgeously curvaceous Saab rear light clusters, it accentuates them beautifully.

Of course, I had to pop on the Hirsch alloys from my Saloon, and tint the glass slightly and…