The Turbo Godfather

SaabFest_10 MonoSaabFest_9 MonoSaabFest_8 Mono

I felt that this Saab really deserved an entire post of its own, after all it can easily be described as the undisputed Godfather of Turbos. Launched in the hedonistic 70’s, the 99 Turbo was literally one of the first cars to combine safety and exhilarating turbo performance, it singlehandedly put Saab on a legendary pedestal, which still holds strong today.

This one, in the only acceptable Turbo colour – black, was quite rightly getting a lot of attention at SaabFestUK, a perfect example, unmolested and seemingly unchanged since the day it drove out of the Saab showroom, paintwork immaculate, all accessories intact including some super cool Bosch spotlights and an interior that screamed ‘jump in and drive me’.

I felt myself gravitating to this car over and over again, it’s owner should be hugely proud and also feel just a little bit privileged to be the guardian of such a legendary car.

Saab Seat Style


Whilst searching for a set of suitable vintage sport seats for another car, I came across this rather nice looking beige Saab 99. I don’t have any further information on it other than the owner has fitted a set of Italian made BF Torino Nürburgring R seats, which suit the retro Saab interior beautifully.

Nice orange alloys too.

Spectacular Saab 99

SvsS_Saab 99 Saab Planet

I’ve been a fan of the Saab blog, Saab Planet for a while now, and whilst flicking through a few posts recently, I happened across this spectacular photograph of a Saab 99, it really is stunning.

I’ve tried to photograph our Saabs like this a few times and have never really managed this level of clarity except for the 9-3 Hirsch front grille, I’ll have to try harder next time.

SvsS_Saab 9-3 Grille

Just found the other picture I was searching for, same style, different Saab, gorgeous.


Saabs on the Bridge

SvsS_Bridge Saab 99

SvsS_Bridge Saab 95 1

SvsS_Bridge Saab 95 2

The iconic drama, The Bridge returned over the weekend, and I was thrilled to see it’s lost none of it’s raw beauty or cinematic noir gorgeousness. Ignoring Saga’s stunning classic Porsche 911 for the moment (which is one of my all time favourite cars) I instantly spotted a few perfectly cast Saabs.

Set between Copenhagen and Malmö, I should have expected nothing less, but it’s always great to see the odd Saab pop up, a classic red 99 a 9-5 Police SportCombi, and we’re only on the second episode, more please.

I know this blog is all about Saabs, but a classic Porsche sitting next to our 9-3s, that would work.

Turbo Troll, In search of the Saab Soul

Troll Turbo_900Turbo Troll_9000Turbo Troll_900Turbo Troll_99Turbo Troll_ResidentsTurbo Troll_9-3

I’ve been meaning to take the time to post this for a while now, an article from an independent publication called Carl’s Cars way back in 2003. It’s a nineteen page feature about Saab and Trollhättan, it really is a fantastic piece, it seemed a shame not to share the Saab love.

It features Trollhättan residents, including Ragnhild Wickström who cleaned for Saab for many decades, and short interviews with Einar Johan Hareide, responsible for the design of the exceptional 9-5, and the then, current Head of Design, Michael Mauer.

I also love the images; hidden Saabs in lush Trollhättan neighbourhoods, fun loving teenagers, some even cutting off the roof of a 99 to create a seriously cool convertible for Summer.

Great vintage article, hope you all enjoy it (took me an age to scan in and paginate as a pdf).

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