Park Life

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Being a fully paid up petrolhead, any chance to get out and meet up with likeminded folk is always a pleasure. Luckily for me, there’s a local car and classic meet held nearby in a village called Earls Barton. It’s grown over the years and attracts a seriously varied collection of cars, including an unbadged 2016 Aston Martin work’s car, a stunningly beautiful 1960’s Nissan Skyline GT-R and a whole array of iconic Porsches, Ferraris and other exotics

Obviously what caught my eye, were a number of Saabs happily sitting alongside the great and good and holding their own very nicely. What’s so refreshing about car meets like this is that they appeal to all, from the old folks sitting in their picnic chairs next to an immaculate 99 to the slammed and anything but standard 9-3 with the biggest gold alloys I’ve ever seen squeezed on to a Saab.

A host of others from a beautiful classic 900 turbo, 9000 Aero and 9-3 convertible proved that our Saabs really do look great anywhere.

Saab highlife in the highlands

svss_Scottish 9000-Exterior.jpgsvss_Scottish 9000-Interior.jpgsvss_Scottish 9000-Leather.jpg

The 9000 Aero was the car that first got me interested in Saabs, but at the time I just couldn’t afford one, so settled for a rather slow 9000S. Since then, I’ve owned 15 Saabs but never another 9000 – possibly one of the many reasons why I have such a fondness for them now, so couldn’t resist featuring this gorgeous 9000 CSE.

It was sent in to join the High Mile Club, but as the owner very kindly attached a few great images, I thought I’d share it with you all. It’s a 1997 CSE Anniversary and has only covered 164,000 miles, “she’s running great and currently loving touring Scotland in her, it has to be the comfiest car I have ever owned”.

I’d also forgotten about the genuine ‘Fine Scottish Leather’ tags attached to the wonderful headrests, such a nice detail.

Thanks for sharing D, here’s to many more road trips and adventures in your 9000.

High Mile Saab Stories

svss_900i Story

Whilst the High Mile Club has steadily gained momentum and members, I’ve been amassing plenty of wonderful stories that come with these high mile Saabs, and I thought it was about time I started to share the odd one or two.

Rather than editing, I’ll share as I received them; unabridged, that way, we can all enjoy the passion felt for our high mile Saabs.

This was one of the early high mile members, a beautiful classic 900i convertible from Belgium with 261,564 Km.

I had my first Saab (green 99) in the seventies. It was a company car and I liked it very much. Later I had other jobs but no Saab anymore. One day, somewhere late nineties, my wife needed a new car and I saw this red Saab 900i convertible for sale (second hand). I told my wife, we went immediately to see our local Saab dealer and bought it on the spot. The car is a 1990 model.

My wife drove it daily until she died 2 years ago. I decided not to sell it ( I have a second car), I still drive it daily leaving my other car in the car park. It is really fun to drive this Saab, especially in warm weather with the open roof. Even my children come and use it by sunny weather.”

More high mile stories to come.

Crafting a couple of bikes from a classic Saab 900

svss_900 Bikesvss_900 Bike-1svss_900 Bike-2svss_900 Bike-7svss_900 Bike-5svss_900 Bike-4svss_900 Bike-3

Not quite sure how I found this but I did, and it’s fantastic. None of us like to see a good Saab got to waste, but when it’s beyond repair what better end could it face than being re-crafted into a bike?

Back in 2010 two artists; Folke Koebberling and Martin Kaltwasser, transformed a classic Saab 900 Turbo into two fully functioning bikes. It took place at an art centre in Santa Monica, where they collaborated with a bunch of folks including students, families and children.

Using only components from the Saab including wheels, axles, steering rack, timing chain and even the jack, they craft 2 inspirational bikes – I just love the wheels.

Short film of the transformation here.

The 900 returns under the cover of night Part II

svss_Classic 900 1svss_Classic 900 2svss_Classic 900 3

Unfortunately, not to me though.

I received an interesting email from Fahad yesterday, he’d just purchased my classic 900 convertible – from a salvage yard.

How did that happen? Just under 2 years ago, it had received plenty of love from the folks at Abbott Racing, the interior had been removed, cleaned, fed and reinstalled, I’d found a gorgeous set of rare Carlsson alloys and had plenty of other stuff done to it.

I begrudgingly had to sell, but it went to a great guy who’d always wanted a classic 900, i didn’t hear anything about it for the following year and then I spotted it driving through my home town, all still looked pretty special. Since then it’s fortunes seemed to have changed, what happened and how did it end up at a salvage yard in Cornwall?

Luckily, it’s been rescued by Fahad at Premier Tuning, and he’s passionate about Saabs. Over the coming year or so, he’ll be renovating and retuning this rare convertible to better than factory standards, I’ll try and post updates as and when I can, but you’ll be able to follow its progress over on Premier Tuning’s Facebook page.

Can’t wait to see the finished result, so glad this car has been saved, again.

Best Saab Shed

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The first few weeks of 2015 have gone super fast and I realised I haven’t managed to do any new posts so far. It’s always harder during the bleak Winter months to find new things to write about and to photograph, so I thought I’d pop this one up.

For a few years now, I’ve followed a Tumblr blog called BestShed, if you’re not aware of it and love beautiful things, then you need to follow. Not only does it feature some of the most gorgeous classic cars ever manufactured including Alfa Romeos, Mercedes and Citroen but also architecture the odd gorgeous girl and some rather stunning high end stereo kit.

The relevance here, is that it also features plenty of beautiful Saabs too, mainly classic 900s, but others too, some I’ve never seen around before. A while ago, I found my Saab on there (which made me quite proud).

The blog seems to have limitless access to some of the best images I’ve ever seen – perfect for a bit of Winter inspiration.

svss on BestShed