The Importance of Hirsch

SAAB make amazing cars, simple as that, but, what if you really want to raise the bar in terms of performance and style?

As you’d expect, SAAB has the answer, for nearly 20 years they have collaborated with Swiss performance company Hirsch, who are completely exclusive to the brand and know the cars inside out – they take the best and then somehow make them even better, emphasising and reinforcing the SAAB qualities, without compromise.

Choosing the SAAB 9-3 was easy (every other car I tried just didn’t really do it for me, none had the right feeling) but what became rather difficult, was specifying the Hirsch equipment. A balance between style and performance has always been important, so exterior wise this was my final Hirsch list :

Lower sport suspension
200hp performance upgrade
18″ twinspoke alloys with Michelin Pilot PS2
345mm brake discs + Single piston calipers + performance pads
Dual Stainless Steel exhaust with rear diffuser
4 piece honeycomb front grille
Boot lip spoiler

And for the interior :

Sport steering wheel
Carbon leather instrument panel
Carbon leather interior trim
Leather door handles
Aluminium pedals

A few weeks after the orders were placed with Hirsch in Switzerland, a truck load of brown boxes filled with goodies arrived at my SAAB dealer, I got an excited phone call to let me know everything had arrived safely, and that they would start to dismantle my new SAAB immediately. Another week, and another phone call to let me know it was ready to pick up, fantastic.

The combined effect is staggering, in the way it drives, in the way it feels, and in the way it looks. The sheer joy of picking up a new SAAB for the first time is amazing, but to have been able to tailor it to my exact requirements has been indescribable.

In a mass of bland, and rather unexciting cars available in the executive saloon sector, the SAAB 9-3 stands out a mile, and by giving it the Hirsch treatment, it becomes completely unique. It is a car you can’t wait to get back into, you’ll always choose the most exciting route home to take advantage of the exhilarating drive and it’s also stunning to look at.

SAAB & Hirsch, a perfect combination.


A dash of SAAB style

I picked up the long awaited SAAB 9-3 TTiD today from Bond Street SAAB.

After the initial excitement of seeing the car parked in the showroom with all the Hirsch gear fitted, Chris (the poor guy who had to deal with me through the long and very detailed process) went through some of the phone integration and sat nav details with me and then I was off.

A huge thank you to Bond Street SAAB, who have been fantastic, they’ve listened to every desire, and outperformed in every area to deliver a unique 9-3 I’ll hopefully enjoy for a good few years.

I’ll spend more time shortly, and take some pictures of the exterior, but sitting behind the modified dash with gorgeously soft sport leather steering wheel, this is a seriously nice place to be.

Having struggled to be able to wait for a 9-3 Griffin to be delivered, I opted for an ex demo from SAAB GB; a few months old with minimal miles, factory fitted sat nav, and the colour I wanted; Carbon Grey.

Having studied the Griffin, the changes SAAB has made to the dash finish isn’t exactly how i’d have liked it, so would have changed it anyway. Interior spec now includes a Hirsch carbon nappa leather dash and door detailing, leather door handles, sport steering wheel and aluminium peddles.