eSID (aka extended Saab Information Display)

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Remember this gorgeous Hirsch 9-3 from Norway I posted a few moths ago? Well, it’s back again, and has just been fitted with one of the coolest Saab gadgets I’ve seen, the eSID.

The eSID; aka extended Saab Information Display, has been lovingly created by a former Saab Development Engineer and cleverly collects hidden performance data from your 9-3 and displays it via the standard dash SID.  Its highlights for me would have to be:

Maximum measured torque/power
Acceleration tests
Momentary fuel consumption

Its owner, Erik has kindly sent me a few pictures of his trip to Trollhättan to pick up this uber cool Saab gadget, he also managed to drop in at the Saab factory and museum for a few great photo opportunities.

I can only imagine the fun he had on his trip back home to Norway with the eSID fitted, thanks for sharing this Erik.

Here’s the eSID pdf if you need to find out more.


Not surprisingly, the fantastic eSID seems to have grabbed a lot of people’s interest, so I thought I better add everything I know (thanks again Erik):

It costs 1000 SEK which in UK terms is approximately £90.00. I don’t know much about shipping costs however.
You can contact the eSID design directly via this email
And there’s even a demonstration film here