Went to pick up a 2007 SAAB 9-3 Sportwagon to join our family today, looks gorgeous in a deep petrol blue with cream leather interior


A SAAB journey to the end of the earth

Well, almost, about 40 miles from Land’s End actually.

We’ll be up bright and early tomorrow for a 5 hour journey down to the gorgeous Cornish coast to relax, take a few photos, surf, walk on the beaches and maybe eat too many homemade scones with clotted cream.

I’ll be resetting the mpg on the SAAB 9-3 and let you all know how it performs with a week of driving – motorways, moors, country lanes and steep coastal roads – should be interesting.

I only have one concern; a while ago I mentioned that after changing all of the cars suspension to Hirsch, that one of the front bearing cages needed to be replaced. Well, on the eve of our journey, the other side seems to be going the same way.

My SAAB dealer had told me that this is perfectly safe, so i’m hoping he’s right. We’ll soon see. Any insight into this from anyone would be much appreciated.

Goodbye Mercedes Benz. Hello SAAB (again)

This may be the first, and last time I write about another brand on Saab vs. Scepticism, as rather sadly, I have to sell my Mercedes Coupé. It currently has 15 bids and nearly 81 watchers after one day on EBay, and I must say, I envy the lucky person who wins it.

Having had over 50 cars over the past 20 years, i’d never owned a Mercedes, for some reason they don’t do much for me, but i’d always longed for a C124 Coupé, they just ooze elegance and timelessness.

It really does have legendary build quality, and after 16 years, everything still works perfectly: the seat belts glide out to meet you every time you close the heavy doors, the electric sunroof and windows quickly and silently open and close, there isn’t a single squeak or rattle and the oyster leather interior looks as though it’s never been sat in.

The Mercedes Coupé comes into its own when you wind all of the windows down to reveal its pillarless beauty. The car becomes something entirely different; I took my son for one of our regular Autumn jaunts at the weekend, and as we drove down country lanes, the car filled with Autumn freshness, he watched the leaves falling and hedgerows drift by from the openness of the Coupés interior. We parked in a shaded and abundant valley, collected conkers and after a long, relaxing walk drove home listening to Ludovico Einaudi in the comfort of this classic Mercedes.

Fond memories, it will be missed.

The Coupé will make room for another SAAB on the driveway, this time for my wife, she is after a 9-3 Sportwagon, which i’m sure will also provide wonderful car memories.