Luxury Defined

LUXURY _ A space offering elegance and refinement, a pleasure out of the ordinary, above and beyond normal expectations of well-being.

Just recently, I’ve read a lot of online discussions as to whether SAABs are ‘luxury’ cars, and without going into detail, I think the definition of luxury says it all; SAABs are most definitely luxury cars.

Anyone having had the pleasure of either driving or owning a SAAB will understand when I say they offer a unique sense of luxury, not the polished wood and cream leather type of luxury, more a sense of well-being; exquisitely designed ergonomics, effective, refined controls, superior longevity and, of course wonderfully comfortable seats.

When I manage to just sit and enjoy the luxuriousness of the SAAB 9-3’s interior, i realise just how special it feels, Hirsch fittings have only added to this, with leather door handles and detailing, exquisitely stitched leather dashboard, one of the finest sports steering wheels I’ve ever had the pleasure of driving with, and aluminium pedals with simple Hirsch branding.

Luxury isn’t an easy thing to define, some manufactures think that by adding a few pieces of wood and leather, it turns something normal into something special, to me luxury is far more than this, it has to stir emotions, leave you longing for more.

The SAAB 9-3 never fails to offer the feel-good factor every time I open the door, it feels more than luxurious, it feels SAAB.