A SportCombi Scrub Up Sunday

Just recently, I’ve been somewhat teased by my lovely wife that my 9-3 saloon is treated with much more tenderness than her SportCombi. I tried to disagree, but looking at it, covered in mud, it became a rather fruitless argument, so I decided to spend a leisurely Sunday morning giving it some attention.

In my defence though, the SportCombi was never meant to be kept like an immaculate show car, and really is doing us proud. It does exactly what we bought it for, and beyond; school runs, shopping trips, dog walking, day trips, biking, antique hunting; you name it, it does it in true Saab style, it really is the perfect car for our family adventures.

Since picking it up back in October last year, we’ve covered nearly 10,000 faultless miles, now showing 142,000, it’s great to see it scrub up so well, and reinforces my last post on Saab longevity. Our SportCombi will be the first to appear in the Saab vs. Scepticism High Mile Club, which hopefully will be joined very soon by other owners 100,000+ mile Saabs.

It wasn’t just me who was proud of my morning’s work on the SportCombi, our black Labrador seemed to be impressed too. Here’s the SportCombi in all its Scrubbed Up glory.

SAAB’s just make you smile

Having owned over 20 German cars in the past, mainly BMW 5 Series I have to say, I liked them all, but somehow not a single one of them offered any ‘personality’, you get in and drive, they handle beautifully, they’re comfortable, quiet and crafted from superb quality materials, but I had no hesitation in selling them either, I got bored, they just didn’t make me smile enough.

Now, this is were SAAB’s win hands down, you don’t just drive them, they become part of your life, they ooze personality, and the older and more used they get, the more they offer somehow. They make me smile – a happy smile.

I know friends with 150,000 + SAAB’s and they just won’t part with them, preferring to buy a new one to drive more regularly, and keep the older ones for ‘special occasions’.

My new 9-3 is quickly becoming part of the family and one thing’s for sure, I won’t be getting bored anytime soon, apart from anything else I just love the way it looks.

Last week I took a few pictures of a 9-5 Aero on an old airfield, they worked out well, so couldn’t resist taking a few of the 9-3 there too.

In possession of, or maybe possessed by a SAAB 9-5 Aero

It seems by upgrading my 9-3’s suspension to Hirsch, the bearing cage has been disturbed, and is now in need of a replacement. Not fully expected on a 2011 car with less than 5,000 miles, but, on the other hand, a new car should’t have had quite as much messing around with it.

As ever, my SAAB dealer; Bond Street SAAB have been absolutely amazing, my car was taken in yestarday, a replacement part is on the way, and hopefully, i’ll have the mighty 9-3 back by the weekend.

In the meantime, I get to drive a 2011 SAAB 9-5 TTiD 4 Aero, white with black roof, full panoramic sunroof, and a very nice black sport leather interior, cool.

The first thing that really grabs me is the sheer presence it has, this is one very stylish car, the exterior oozes SAAB, and everything just flows beautifully. Feel good factor is extremely high, and having driven numerous BMW 5 series, this really does give you more of a smile, it also seems to attract more than a few stares from onlookers.

Having a direct comparison with my new 9-3, the TTiD engine in Aero guise seems to cope with the increased weight of the 9-5 very well, the turbo boost is there in buckets, and pulls well, cabin noise levels are more subdued than the 9-3 – it feels refined and exceptionally well put together. All in all, this is another SAAB i’d own any day, and to be honest, the only reason I didn’t, was that the CO2 levels are higher than those of the 9-3 (in the UK, this is important for tax reasons).

I couldn’t resist taking a few photos, and this morning offered the perfect opportunity; rain, dark skies, and a disused runway – perfect.

Good news too – I also asked Bond Street SAAB how sales were for new cars at the moment; they have 30 new cars destined for UK roads in September. Come on SAAB, with cars like my 9-3 and this 9-5, who could resist loving them?.

SAAB beauty through the camera lens

I’ve been taking a lot of photos of my SAAB 9-3 Hirsch of late, and the more I do, the more I love the car. It seems to have perfect proportions; the 18″ Hirsch alloys sit within the arches beautifully, and the front and rear aspects all have a purposeful stance.

These features add to the joy of capturing the SAAB on camera, however, I like to see what others are doing with SAABs, and I recently stumbled across a photographer in Sweden who has taken some seriously good pictures of SAABs and couldn’t help but show a few of them here.

They’ve given me a few ideas I’ll be trying out on my SAAB very soon.


Its first photoshoot

As I was so blown away by the quality of the interior, I got completely destracted and focused on that, however, the work Bond Street SAAB has done on the exterior is equally as exciting, all with gorgeous Hirsch kit.

It’s worth saying, that every single Hirsch addition, as long as they are fitted by your authorised SAAB dealer, is fully covered by your manufacturers warranty.

What’s been done on the outside ::

Full four piece front mesh grille with carbon edging
Upgraded sport suspension
18″ 5 spoke alloys with Michelin Pilot Sport tyres
Upgraded 345mm braking system
Duel stainless steel exhaust with diffuser
Rear boot lip

I took the SAAB for a quick photoshoot in a quiet part of the city, and as you can imagine, immediately got some interesting comments from passersby; one that really stood out “That looks like an extremely special car, what is it, and was it expensive”

Whilst I was taking these photos, it made me realise just how great the SAAB 9-3 looks from all angles.