Carpe Diem

svss_Wales Autumn 93svss_Autumn 93 3svss_Autumn 93svss_Autoumn 93 2svss_Autumn 93 4

After a spectacular road trip to Wales recently, I’ve become even more addicted to driving the 9-3. The new mods continue to perform faultlessly delivering endless fun, but sadly, it’s topless days are growing few and far between now.

The English weather is against us, the days shorter, wetter and darker, so when there’s the slightest change in the skies I seize them. It’s kind of a personal indulgence, stealing extra time, a chance to enjoy the rawness of seasons and the ever changing light, the cold of the darkening skies and the warmth of the Saab heating.

This is a car to be driven throughout the year, every season offering a unique and exciting experience – the new mods have just made me want to experience them all even more. No where’s my beanie.


Welsh Saabs

svss_Welsh Saab-2svss_Welsh Saab-1 svss_Welsh Saab-3 svss_Welsh Saab-4

Last week we drove down to stay with friends for a few days. Gorgeous trips on quite roads cutting through the beauty of Snowdonia, narrow country lanes with rolling hills either side and Saabs, lots of them.

Seriously, I was surprised, I think I saw more Saabs in Wales than I’ve seen for a while. I wasn’t photographically prepared so no nice shots I’m afraid, but captured all the same.

We’ll be going again soon so I’ll be prepared next time.