For the love of Saab

During my online travels I’ve come across literally hundreds of sites dedicated to the love of Saab. However, there are a handful that need special mention as they continue to both inspire and inform not only myself but the entire Saab community.  This page will feature the ones everyone needs to bookmark if they love Saabs as much as I do.

Saab Stance Banner

Really excited to watch SaabStance, a new site from the Czech Republic flourish. Absolutely gorgeous photography coupled with a real passion for our Saabs. Amongst their ranks is an extremely rare 9-5 Hirsch Aero, which features alongside other equally beautiful and interesting Saabs.

Nordic Tuning banner

Handcrafted Saabs by Nordic Tuning have always captured my imagination, not least because they helped create one of my all time favourite 9-3 HOT Aeros. Great range of performance upgrades and tuning products. Available in the UK from Nottingham Saab.

Neo Bros Banner

The folks at Neo Brothers live and breathe Saab, they’re now Europe’s largest parts specialists and they’re amazingly helpful. When you need your next Saab part, Neo Brothers should be your first stop.

Hirsch Banner

Being a dedicated Hirsch ambassador this is one of my favourite online Saab haunts. Difficult times over the past few years has meant that their performance parts for Saabs has dramatically reduced, but for 2014 they’ve just announced they’ll be producing a limited number of goodies for the 9-3. Keep going Hirsch, you help make Saabs even more exclusive than they already are.

Abbott Racing Banner

Based in the UK but globally famous amongst Saabists, the guys at Abbott Racing are fantastic, what they don’t know about these cars isn’t worth knowing. I’ve had a few of my previous Saabs tuned and maintained by them and they really are exceptional. Keep their site handy.

Saabism Banner

Ever since I started SvsS a few years ago, there has been one blog I love to follow, Saabism features some amazing photography, well written content and continues to inspire other Saabists, go and have a good browse.


MapTun are proving their continued dedication to Saab by offering us all some absolutely stunning performance parts, I’ll be trying their brake upgrades next I think.

This is a new discovery, an entire site dedicated to the mighty Saab 9000. I’m still planning my very own project 9000 and have a feeling this is going to be a valuable resource for both inspiration and insight. There’s more on here than I’ve ever seen in one place, nice.

14 thoughts on “For the love of Saab

  1. I found Taliaferro Imports website: offers great products and service in the USA. Being in Australia now, I purchase products fromaround the world (via the internet) as there is nothing in Australia to match the UK and US supplers. I met him at a SAAB convention in the US – he is very approachable and knowledgeable and has the fastedt SAAB in the USA (so I beleive).

    • Thanks for sharing Paul, would be interested to feature / see the fastest Saab in the US 🙂

      So good to see so many people dedicated to maintaining our Saabs for a very long time.

  2. How about Malcolm Miles?

    That said, whilst i’m sure you’ll agree that Jason and Andy are deserved of a plug, I was there this morning and there were Saabs all the way down that one side of Edith Road (probably the furtherst i’ve seen them stretch down the road), so I reckon they’ve got plenty going on at the moment 🙂

    They’ve just done the sump and MOT’D my HOT Aero convertible, and Jason and I had a good chat about improving the suspension, mentioning the positive things you’ve had done to yours and the dramatic resultant improvements…

    • Hey Darren, always giving these guys a plug in my posts, they’ll have to start paying me soon 😉 I really wouldn’t want to Saab’s without them, they really are fantastic. My HOT Aero is pushed to the limit and really is a stunning car to drive now, handling, breaking, power etc, all sorted beautifully by Jason, Andy and their team. I might just throw in a nice banner for them too 🙂

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