SAAB vs. Fuel Economy

As important a test as any for a new car must surely be the fuel economy, and at the time of writing, diesel is £1.40 per litre, so around £80.00 to fill the SAAB TTiD.

The car has only covered 4000 miles and should settle in more, but this first test has been a rather typical mixture of heavy city, winding country roads and motorway, making it as close to real world ‘combined’ as i’m ever going to get.

Official mpg SAAB figures for the 1.9 TTiD (160ps) manual saloon are : Urban 49.6  /  Motorway 72.4  /  Combined 62.8

I emptied the tank (to around 30 miles left in reserve) and refilled to the top, which was 57 litres, I then drove to the same reserve level, giving me a reasonably accurate idea of economy.

The SAAB achieved 567 miles, which is 45.1mpg, around 18mpg less than the official figures, but very close to what I expected.

As a comparison, my BMW 320d returned a similar mpg of 42mpg, but the official combined figure was 49.6mpg – much more accurate.

However, there are also a number of factors that will be playing their part in reducing the figure, which include: 18″ alloys, wider Michelin tyres, Hirsch engine upgrade and finally, driving style (I’ve tried hard to drive carefully, but the SAAB cries out to be driven, and enjoyed).

I’m happy with the 45.1mpg, but will continue to monitor this.

24 . 08 . 11  Refill time for the SAAB

Another 560 miles covered with ease, filled up this morning, 55 Litres / 12 Gallons, and car was showing 60 miles to empty. Works out at about 46mpg, so very similar to the last refill, combined journeys, including a 200 mile round trip to London, and a few hours sat in city traffic 😦

So far, still surprised at the vast difference between the official SAAB consumption figures and what I’m achieving –  around 15mpg less, but balanced with the performance and refinement of the engine, really happy overall.

07 . 09 . 11 Another drink please

Pretty consistent again, although a lot more city driving, lots of traffic and not enough open road. Still achieved 550 miles with 70 miles to empty though, works out at around 45.4mpg. Let’s see if I can get it doing a few more long runs with this refill.

18 . 09 . 11  Same again!

Didn’t manage any nice long trips to push up the mpg, if fact city traffic got worse after the summer rest period. The 9-3 kept it’s economy pretty steady though at 45.4mpg, another 550 miles covered on a tank.

02 . 11 . 11 This one’s impressive

After a lot of recent driving, and averaging around 550 miles per tank / 44 mpg, this one has been a really good surprise, 623.2 miles.

Read an unabridged post here.

21 . 11 . 11 And this one’s not so impressive

Back to city driving, sitting in traffic and generally a rather boring tank of fuel; it shows through the reduced economy, just 44mpg combined from this tank, which achieved just 535 miles.

27 thoughts on “SAAB vs. Fuel Economy

  1. Quick question….despite poring over the manual,I can’t figure out how to reset the trip to the lower right of the sid(which you have been measuring your distance travelled on)……could you kindly explain please?

  2. My current average is 39.7 after about 200miles but that includes the very low figure it was showing after I had picked her up….no doubt resulting from multiple sales staff thrashes before I bought her….

    • Even with all the Hirsch mods, mine has now settled down to around 44mpg, but it did take a few thousand miles. It thrives on longer journeys (erratic driving style taken into consideration) and seems to return closer to 50mpg.

      Overall, I get between 500 – 580 miles out of a full tank.

  3. I’ll be very happy if mine gets near to those figures………

    I think I had my first dpf regeneration yesterday when the d.t.e range suddenly and dramatically began reducing……..presumably as fuel was injected into the exhaust system.

    How often does yours regenerate?

    • Often, especially my wifes SportCombi, it can go from saying 500 dte to low 400’s on a steep hill.

      I try not to watch, as it really only conveys a moment in time, it soon reverts to higher numbers.

      I tend to go by tank to tank, over 500 and i’m happy, below, I generelly know it’s either bad city traffic, or me having enjoyed the Hirsch upgrade a little too much.

  4. True,I’m looking forward to keeping a log,like yours,over several tanks……..

    Can I ask how you fared with your car insurance?

    Presumably we need to declare the hirsch upgrades as mods or they almost considered as factory specs?

    • The 9-3 Hirsch is insured as one of our company cars, but having the value of upgrades noted is highly recommended.

      All Hirsch upgrades (as long as they are fitted by a SAAB dealer) are classed as SAAB parts as far as I am aware. I know my SAAB warranty covered everything (when it would have been honoured of course).

  5. My mpg with mostly 8 to 10 mile runs is settling down to around the 38 to 39 area……not too bad as its always carrying 2large dogs,a 30kg dog crate and is an auto I suppose……..moreover,it’s the nicest car to drive that I’ve ever owned and the only one bar the early v70,that doesn’t hurt my back….

    • I think that’s a good average, especially for an auto, I’m on 43 at the moment.

      Really good to hear you’re still enjoying it, and look forward to regular updates.

  6. Enjoying it?….I love this car!

    I love it’s character,it’s quietness,its effortless speed and well,to honest,and I know it’s shallow, but the way it looks.

    The only things I would change would be to have a USB port rather than an aux socket and I’m disappointed with the witter detachable towbar which is quite poorly designed in terms of integration into the saab….it works but you can tell Saab had no hand in its design.It Eros me every time I see the electrics poking out of the underneath of the car instead of being hidden away as I hoped they would be.

    I just hope to god that Saab are making cars again in 4 years time when I need to change her…..I really don’t know what else would suit me as well.

  7. My old 93SS averaged 48mpg but just had the 150 factory horses. I average 31 in the petrol Aero which is mostly shortish journeys!

  8. Sure is! Can I ask is that standard exhaust on your TTID? I’m looking at fitting the Hirsch diffuser but not sure if my exhaust pipes will look too small. Thanks Mark.

    • Hi Mark

      No, it’s the full Hirsch stainless steel system, the whole lot was replaced from new. I’ll have measure of the outlets for you to compare if it helps, but think they’re around 3″

  9. I’ve got the hirsch exhaust on mine but because I also have a retractable tow bar I’m reluctant to fit the hirsch diffuser as it would have to be slightly chopped….


  10. Hi Paul, Finally went for the Hirsch diffuser – looks great and made the old diffuser look a little tired! My TTID has just turned 70k and still runs like new – I’m really impressed with the way the interior is holding up, and to be honest I’ve also noticed how good the paint is – there are hardly any visible stone chips compared to say my old Lexus IS which was terrible at the same mileage!

    • Fantastic choice, the Hirsch diffusers really do look stunning. I’ve just reciceved the Saabs United calender and it has a picture on my 9-3 for August, a full on rear view, the Hirsch diffuser in all is agressive glory.

      Our SportCombi has just past the 150k mark, still beautifully smooth, and I still enjoy driving it as much as the new saloon with only 19k on.

      I’d originally chosen the Lexus IS220d F Sport last year, that’s until I fell in love with my 9-3 of course.

  11. After a natty 23.7 mpg reported from 600 miles of town-back-town-back-runaround runs after a service, another 2000 miles on using UK MWays, French and Italian Tolls and A roads the report is 42.8 on the computer. Considering speeds of 140Kph on some Tolls I consider this to be pretty good on a 2008 1.9 TTiD Aero 180

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