The High Mile Club

For some reason, I’ve always loved cars that have covered 100,000+ miles, it really separates the good from bad, and whilst some cars start to self combust, others thrive.

Saabs of course, thrive, in fact 5 of the 9 Saabs I’ve owned were bought with over 100,000 miles on the clock. All, without fail have felt as sharp as the day they left their proud dealerships, not only that, but they have more of a story to tell, a unique personality.

Saabs become part of your family, a tradition that passes through generations and inspire you to take the road less traveled, I recently wrote a post about honouring our Saabs and maintaining them for the future journey; this page will hopefully celebrate these mile honoured Saabs.

The High Mile Club needs you (or should I say, your Saab). If you’re the proud owner of a Saab that has earned its 100,000+ mile / 161,000 kilometre honour I’d love to here about it, so send me a picture of your Saab, tell me a story and I’ll add it to the collection – the more the better.

I’ll kick off with our very own 9-3 SportCombi 2007

Neighbourhood _ United Kingdom
Date of Entry _ June 2012
Mileage _ 142,618

900 Classic Convertible 1993

Neighbourhood _ United Kingdom
Date of Entry _ June 2012
Mileage_ 139,240

9-5 Anniversary Sportwagon 2007

Neighbourhood _ United Kingdom
Date of Entry _ June 2012
Mileage_ 144,597

9-5 Aero Sportwagon 2000

Neighbourhood _ United Kingdom
Date of Entry _ June 2012
Mileage _ 182,662

900 Talladega Sensonic 1997

Neighbourhood _ Republic of San Marino
Date of Entry _ June 2012
Mileage _ 238,971 Km / 148,489 Miles
9-5 Arc SportCombi 2003

Neighbourhood _ Sweden
Date of Entry _ June 2012
Mileage _ 528,783 Km / 328,570 Miles

9-5 Aero SportCombi 2005

Neighbourhood _ Canada
Date of Entry _ June 2012
Mileage _ 228,118 Miles

9-3 Arc 2005

Neighbourhood _ North Carolina United States
Date of Entry _ June 2012
Mileage _ 101,206 Miles 

9-3 1.8t 2004 Running on LPG since new

Neighbourhood _ Netherlands
Date of Entry _ June 2012
Mileage _ 294,402 Km / 182,932 Miles

9-3 2001

Neighbourhood _ Atlanta GA United States
Date of Entry _ June 2012
Mileage _ 123,456 Miles (nice)

900 Classic 8v Turbo Red Arrow

Neighbourhood _ Netherlands
Date of Entry _ June 2012
Mileage _ 316,781 Km / 196,838 Miles

9-3 Viggen Convertible 2001

Neighbourhood _ United States
Date of Entry _ June 2012
Mileage _ 100,000 Miles

9000 CS 2.3t 1996

Neighbourhood _ Vienna Austria
Date of Entry _ June 2012
Mileage _ 300,000 Km / 186,411 Miles

9000 Talladega 1990

Neighbourhood _ Helsingborg Sweden
Date of Entry _ June 2012
Mileage _ 362,279 Km / 225,109 Miles

9-3 Aero Stage 3 Tuned 290hp 2001

Neighbourhood _ Finland
Date of Entry _ June 2012
Mileage _ 434,046 Km / 269,703 Miles

9-5 2.3t SportCombi 2000

Neighbourhood _ Leiden Holland
Date of Entry _ June 2012
Mileage _ 336,110 Km / 208,849 Miles

9-3 2.0T 2008

Neighbourhood _ Indiana United States
Date of Entry _ June 2012
Mileage _ 100,000 Miles

900 S 1997

Neighbourhood _ Sweden
Date of Entry _ June 2012
Mileage _ 253,222 Km / 157,344 Miles

9-3 2001

Neighbourhood _ Maine United States
Date of Entry _ June 2012
Mileage _ 246,518 Miles

9-3 TiD 1998

Neighbourhood _ Czech Republic
Date of Entry _ June 2012
Mileage _ 239,788 Km / 148,997 Miles

900 Classic 1993

Neighbourhood _ Australia
Date of Entry _ June 2012
Mileage _ 207,910 Km / 129,189 Miles

9-3 SS 2005

Neighbourhood _ Michigan United States
Date of Entry _ June 2012
Mileage _ 127,648 Miles

9-3 TiD SportCombi 2007

Neighbourhood _ Germany (Home of the Autobahn and so much fun)
Date of Entry _ June 2012
Mileage _ 200,011 Km / 124,281 Miles

99 GL 1982

Neighbourhood _ Netherlands
Date of Entry _ June 2012
Mileage _ 301,036 Km / 187,055 Miles

9-5 Aero 2003

Neighbourhood _ Detroit, Michigan United States
Date of Entry _ June 2012
Mileage _ 144,146 Miles

9-5 SportCombi 2002

Neighbourhood _ Netherlands
Date of Entry _ June 2012
Mileage _ 289,471 Km / 179,796 Miles (Imported from US and dashboard change)

900 Classic T16 S

Neighbourhood _ United Kingdom
Date of Entry _ June 2012
Mileage _ 177,520 Miles

9-3 SE 1999

Neighbourhood _ United States
Date of Entry _ June 2012
Mileage _ 262,626 Miles

9-3 Aero V6 2007

Neighbourhood _ United States
Date of Entry _ June 2012
Mileage _ 117,530 Miles

9000 2.3 Turbo CSE Classic 1998

Neighbourhood _ Vänersborg Sweden
Date of Entry _ June 2012
Mileage _ 291,665 Km / 181,232 Miles

9000 Aero 1997

Neighbourhood _ Vänersborg Sweden
Date of Entry _ June 2012
Mileage _ 211,112 Km / 131,178 Miles

9-5 LPG 290bhp 2004

Neighbourhood _ Netherlands
Date of Entry _ June 2012
Mileage _ 401,093 Km / 249,227 Miles

900i 1987

Neighbourhood _ Denmark
Date of Entry _ June 2012
Mileage _ 302,224 Km / 187,793 Miles

900SE 2.0T 1996

Neighbourhood _ Seville, Spain
Date of Entry _ June 2012
Mileage _ 256,463 Km / 159,358 Miles

900SE T 1996

Neighbourhood _ New York, United States
Date of Entry _ June 2012
Mileage _ 280,998 Miles

9000 CSE 1998

Neighbourhood _ Connecticut, United States
Date of Entry _ June 2012
Mileage _ 206,553 Miles

900 Turbo 1985

Neighbourhood _ Connecticut, United States
Date of Entry _ June 2012
Mileage _ 335,741 Miles

9-3 Viggen Convertible

Neighbourhood _ Belfast, Northern Ireland
Date of Entry _ June 2012
Mileage _ 102,552 Miles

900 SPG Classic Convertible

Neighbourhood _ United States
Date of Entry _ June 2012
Mileage _ 150,595 Miles

9000 CSE Anniversary

Neighbourhood _ United Kingdom
Date of Entry _ June 2012
Mileage _ 143,352 Miles

900 SE V6 Convertible

Neighbourhood _ United Kingdom
Date of Entry _ June 2012
Mileage _ 151,364 Miles

9-5 SE 2001

Neighbourhood _ New Jersey United States
Date of Entry _ June 2012
Mileage _ 155,030 Miles

9-3 Convertible

Neighbourhood _ Wrightstown United States
Date of Entry _ June 2012
Mileage _ 103,454 Miles

900i Classic Convertible

Neighbourhood _ Belgium
Date of Entry _ June 2012
Mileage _ 261,564 Km / 162,528 Miles

9-5 2001

Neighbourhood _ Québec Canada
Date of Entry _ July 2012
Mileage _ 241,587 Km / 150,115 Miles

9-3 SE 2.2 TiD 2001

Neighbourhood _ Seville Spain
Date of Entry _ July 2012
Mileage _ 283,164 Km / 175,949 Miles

9000 Aero 1997

Neighbourhood _ Seville Spain
Date of Entry _ July 2012
Mileage _ 290,877 Km / 180,742 Miles

9-3 2000

Neighbourhood _ Vermont, United States
Date of Entry _ July 2012
Mileage _ 146,841 Miles

900 SE 1997

Neighbourhood _ Ohio, United States
Date of Entry _ July 2012
Mileage _ 289,903 Miles

9-3 150hp 2005

Neighbourhood _ United Kingdom (Owned by the nice guys at APL SAAB)
Date of Entry _ July 2012
Mileage _ 289,903 Miles

9-5 2.2 TiD 2002

Neighbourhood _ United Kingdom (Owned by the nice guys at APL SAAB)
Date of Entry _ July 2012
Mileage _ 120,051 Miles

9-3 T Convertible 1999

Neighbourhood _ Milan, Italy
Date of Entry _ September 2012
Mileage _ 160,000 Km / Almost 100,000 Miles (we’ll let it in to the club)

9-5 2.3t 1999

Neighbourhood _ Upper Bavaria, Germany
Date of Entry _ September 2012
Mileage _ 284,056 Km / 176,504 Miles

9-5 Aero SportCombi

Neighbourhood _ United Kingdom
Date of Entry _ October 2012
Mileage _ 115,179 Miles

9-5 Saloon The Christmas One


Neighbourhood _ Oregon, United States
Date of Entry _ December 2012
Mileage _ 220,000 Miles

9-5 SportCombi 2003

SvsS_High Mile Club-95 Sportwagon

Neighbourhood _ Syracuse, New York, United States
Date of Entry _ January 2013
Mileage _ 126,950 Miles

9-5 2.3i SE

svss_high mile club-9-5

Neighbourhood _ Saratoga Springs, New York, United States
Date of Entry _ February 2013
Mileage _ 240,982 Miles

9-5 Aero SportCombi 2001

svss_9-5 SportCombi

Neighbourhood _ Ottawa Canada
Date of Entry _ March 2013
Mileage _ 214,658 Km / 133,382 Miles

9-3 2001 (Goes by the name of Sid)


Neighbourhood _ United Kingdom
Date of Entry _ April 2013
Mileage _ 154,524 Miles

9-3 Arc Convertible 2004 (1st High Miler of 2014)

SvsS_No53 93 Convertible

Neighbourhood _ New Jersey, United States
Date of Entry _ January 2014
Mileage _ 100,000 Miles

900S 1997

SvsS_High Mile Base 2014

Neighbourhood _ United Kingdom
Date of Entry _ April 2014
Mileage _ 333,000 Miles

900 Turbo 16 1985

SvsS_No55 900 Turbo

Neighbourhood _ Germany
Date of Entry _ April 2014
Mileage _ 530,087 Km / 329,380 Miles

900 2.0 Turbo 1997

SvsS_900 Turbo

Neighbourhood _ United Kingdom
Date of Entry _ June 2014
Mileage _ 500,528 Miles

9-3 SE Turbo

SvsS_57 Saab 93 SE Turbo

Neighbourhood _ United Kingdom
Date of Entry _ November 2014
Mileage _ 171,819 Miles


svss_No58 9-5

Neighbourhood _ Belgium
Date of Entry _ November 2014
Mileage _ 161267 Km / 100,206 Miles

9-3 2.8 V6 Aero

SvsS_High Mile-No59

Neighbourhood _ United Kingdom
Date of Entry _ February 2015
Mileage _ 105,220 Miles

9-3 2.2 Turbo Diesel 2002

SvsS_High Mile-No60

Neighbourhood _ United Kingdom
Date of Entry _ February 2015
Mileage _ 206,628 Miles

9-3 Aero 250hp 2003

SvsS_No61 9-3

Neighbourhood _ Scotland
Date of Entry _ March 2015
Mileage _ 123,456 Miles

9-3 HOT Aero Convertible 

SvsS_High Mile Base-93 Aero

Neighbourhood _ Andalusia, Spain
Date of Entry _ April 2015
Mileage _ 165,319 Km / 102,724 Miles

9-3 SE Convertible 1999

SvsS_No63 9-3 Convertible

Neighbourhood _ Ontario, Canada
Date of Entry _ April 2015
Mileage _ 241,205 Km / 149,877 Miles

9-3 LPG

SvsS_No64 9-3

Neighbourhood _ Netherlands
Date of Entry _ April 2015
Mileage _ 444,444 Km / 276,164 Miles

9-3 HOT Aero Convertible 2001

SvsS_High Mile Club 93 Aero

Neighbourhood _ Italy
Date of Entry _ May 2016
Mileage _ 112,500 Miles

900 SPG 1988

High MIle Club_2016-900 SPG

Neighbourhood _ Michigan. United States
Date of Entry _ June 2016
Mileage _ 194,361 Miles

124 thoughts on “The High Mile Club

  1. I am now on my 8th Saab with over 100,000 including my 2001 Viggen and 2007 9-5 Aero Combi. Three of them were totaled by other people’s negligence but nothing beats driving the Millionth Mile at the 2006 SAAB Convention at Lake George, NY.

    On aggregate I have drived over 3 million mile in SAABs since 1967. I bet there are are more high mileage SAABs than any other marque.

    This was with the original engine and Turbo! Enjoy.

    • Wow, I had seen this gorgeous million mile 900 before, but feel privileged you’ve let me know, I’ll try and add the video, but do you possibly have a photo of the car and the dash so that I can add it to the collection.

      I’ll plan on adding the combined mileage of all in the collection when they stop coming through, that should be a pleasing number.

      • Hi there, I’ve recently bought a 1997 900 SE Talladega from the original owner, I absolutely love it. Nearly 180,000km on the clock, and runs as good as new. I’ve emailed you photos a few weeks ago, hope you got them!

      • Hi Will, good buy, the Talladega had a few nice touches too. Sorry, i’ve been pretty stacked over the past few weeks, will catch up with my emails soon. Thanks for sending.

    • Hah, don’t worry, send me a photo to add to the collection when you’re done. Following my own rules, I can’t add my 2011 9-3 as its only done 14,000 😦

    • My 95 was getting 100k a year for a few years, its at 350k, in 4 years, lots of traveling….

      One head gasket and 5 sump drops and its been great, Still looks brand new,
      bought it used with 40k 5 years ago, so far its been the best car I have ever owned, well its my first car so cant really compare, but I imagine that most cant get 350 with out 2-3 drive-trains.

  2. First SAAB a ’69 96 went over 100,000 but 10 years living in East Coast U.S. salt did it in.
    Currently driving a 1978 99 with over 400,000 miles on it, recently having had upgrades of the suspension, brakes, gearbox and steering by Atomic Auto in Portland Oregon–a truly great shop. The car is even better than new.


  3. I hit 100,000 on my 2006 9-3 Aero a few months ago! It’s my first Saab so I intend on keeping it even after I get a 2011 9-5 next year 😉

  4. Currently run a Saab 99 GL with in excess of 141,000 miles on it… Still feels solid and well planted on the road, and the engine sounds really fresh

  5. My 1995 900S has 247,000km on it. Last weekend, I took it on a road trip. I covered 1,500km in 36 hours, and it did it easily. Other than a couple of minor electrical gremlins, my Saab does not feel like a 17 year old car. I’m looking forward to hitting 300,000km sometime in the future

  6. I have just part exchanged my 9th SAAB, a 9-3 with 108,000 miles on it, bought new in 2007, for a 2010 new style 9-5 with 5000 on the clock.

    • Shame, missed out on the High Mile Club, but then again, you get to drive a gorgeous 9-5 and enjoy putting the miles on that.

      As ever, I’d love to see a couple of photos when you get a chance.

  7. I am on my 7th Saab, I have a 2001 9-3 with 160,000, and just took a road trip this past weekend to Cape Cod, Ma, I absolutely LOVE my Saab.

  8. I just got handed down my dad’s ’89 900 Turbo convertible. It has stayed in the family since my dad purchased it new back before I was even born. At first I was a little skeptical of a 23 year old car with 170,000+ miles on it, but man that old turbo still kicks. I’m looking forward to having a chance to drive such a classic car, and hopefully restore it to its former glory when I get older.
    – The sound of a proper turbo will never get old

    • Hey Jack, your dad is a pretty cool guy then, he’s passed down one seriously nice car for you to enjoy for years to come. These old Saabs are built to last, and are totally iconic.

      Really hope you enjoy your new treasure, look after it. You may like this i saw recently, a very cool 900

      • Yes, I would be glad/ very honored to. I’ll try to get some pictures and send them your way soon.

  9. Hi! Nice site…..i sent a pic of my Sportwagon. Are you still posting new additions? I hope so, we need to show the world that Saabs are here to stay!

    • Hi Scott, Thank you for the comments, and yes, absolutely, I’ll be adding your gorgeous Sportwagon to the collection over the weekend. It’s slowed down a little, still getting the odd one sent through though, and always great to see them, loving the stories I hear too.

      Thank you for sending it in, great addition.

      • Thanks! Honored to be among other great cars. I’ll be sending my father-in-laws and my sons Saabs as well. Have a great weekend.

      • Hi Scott, I’ve added your Saab story as a post, hope you don’t mind, another great Saab, another great story.

        Have a lovely weekend, and I’ll watch out for your other High Milers.

  10. My saab is the last one on here, it’s my first saab and I’m hooked! I’m loving driving again.

  11. 2001 Saab 9-5 Aero with ~231,000 miles. Until a few years ago it was the main family driver and rolling up miles 20K/yr. A lot of costly small repairs but the big bits (engine, trans, turbo, suspension exc rear shocks) all original. Curious to see how long these things can last!

    • Fantastic, would love to add it to the High Mile Club if you have a photo, all welcome. Our SportCombi is over 160k now, I’m sure there will be a few things to replace soon, but enjoying trouble free Saabing at the moment.
      Except for some mindless idiot scratching the bonnet 😦

  12. I had a 1994 Saab 9000 and it had 325,000 miles on the original engine and transmission and the low compression turbo would put you back in your seat. Gave the car to a friend and unfortunately rust got the best of it.

  13. I currently have a 2002 Saab 9-3 convertible and it has 210,000 miles and is still going strong and I have essentially done nothing to it in the last 50,000 miles except change the oil and tires.

    • Hi, my first port of call was to send my 900 convertible off to Abbott Racing, they gave it the once over for mechanical and structural stability.
      I had the underside steam cleaned and rewaxed and also cleared out the convertible’s drain holes. Mine was leaking water, so I replaced the radiator and a couple of hoses to ensure reliability, other than that, I changed the oil every 6,000 miles and just enjoyed it.

      Looked after, they’re pretty bullet proof, you’ll find small things will need attention, check for damp in the footwells, take off the door panels and oil the window mechanisms (if electric) etc, etc.
      I found the trip to Abbott reassuring, and trust them with any of my Saabs – if you’ve got a good 900, they’ll keep it that way.

      Send in a picture of it if you fancy, tell me a story and I’ll post it, good luck with it, it’s an amazing Saab.

  14. I am driving a very well maintained 1999 9-3 Aero with 190000 klm. I love it. Will post you a pic asap

  15. Who has the record in high milage for the moment?
    Since I sent in the Picture 2 Year ago I have now 590 000km on my 9-5 2.2 TID Estate 2003
    Lennart in Sweden

    • I remember your great 9-5 as it was one of the highest milers when I first started the High Mile Club page.
      Yours would now easily be at No1, and although not a competition, I’d love to feature it again with a post and a few pictures if you have time.
      Thanks Lennart

      • Ok I Will come back with pictures soon 590 000 km =
        366 609 Miles

      • Hi again

        Sorry for late reply but times fly or maybe I should say “kilometers flies”…
        Today 5 Febr 2015 my 9-5 Estate 2.2 TiD 2003 passed 620 000 km = 385 250 miles.

        So far it have basically only been normal service during the years, I have all repairs documenter since it was new. It started as a Taxi commuting between Stockholm Arlanda airport and Finspång. We bought it at 440 000 km in 2006. The most expensive parts that has been changed during the 620 000 km is:
        1 Intercooler, 1 wheel bearing, 2 used Xeon headlights, A/C cooler, handbrake pads with wires.

        Fully synthetic engine oil has always been used, changed every 20 000 km. Service program followed, automatic gearbox oil changed every 60 000 km.
        Today I use it every day for commuting 220 km per day and it has never let me down.

        Is it still the Saab with highest milage on this webpage?

        Do you want some new pictures to update? If so to what e-mail?

        Kind regards Lennart in Sweden

    • Hi everyone! My 2004 9-5 2.2 TiD estate has by now covered 334000 kms. It’s time I think to send a picture of it to the high mile club.
      Lennart, I would be very interested in hearing about your car – what repairs did you have to do, etc. Is it still in good shape and runs well? I guess so 🙂 Cheers! Vladimir from Slovenia

      • I will soon be at 600 000 km then I will send a report about the car and more pictures. But basicly just normal service nothing done to engine so far. // Lennart

  16. Just got my first Saab (gulp…been a Yota and Subie guy my whole life)
    144K on a well kept 2000 9-5 Gary Fisher Edition Wagon … gonna be looking for advice and support through this mechanical transition. Love finding pages like this. Have owned a number of subies that have passed the 250K mark…hoping this Saab will keep up….

    • Welcome to the Saab club, no doubt your new Saab will easily keep up with your past rides and soon drag you in. Saabs kind of do that, difficult to tell others why sometimes, but they just have a knack of making you feel like nothing else will do.

      A decent wagon is a gorgeous car, be great to see a few photos of it if you get a chance, send them in.

      Keep in touch and so glad you happened on SvsS, great.

  17. I’ve had my 2001 9.3 Se for about 3 years. It had 132,000 miles on it when I got it and it’s now on 171,000 and the engine is still going strong. Recently passed it’s MOT with only the front tyres being advised. I’m planning to replace it at the end of the year with another Saab, which will be my 5th. Currently in negotiations with the wife over what style, saloon, sport wagon or drop top.

    • Our SportCombi is on 182,000 amazing, to be honest, you can’t go wrong with any style, although the SportCombis are exceptional and so built for living, timeless too. Feel free to send me a few pictures and I’ll be proud to add it to the High Mile Club.

  18. Have 2 SAABS at the moment a 1997 20.t convertible has covered 106,000 miles which is has just been put in the shed for winter, as a winter runabout I have bought a 2001 93 tid saloon with 127,000 on the clock, which when it behaves is great to drive but even after blanking the EGR and fitting new crankshaft sensor it still likes to light its CEL and go into limp mode, I may put it down to being a bad one and try to source a diesel wagon instead 😉 ps pics to follow

  19. Now isn´t good time for SAAB. However, people still believe in these magnificent cars and we satisfy the pleasure of adding more and more miles.

    “The high mile Club” is a wonderful initiative that has added a great number of excellent examples.

    SACA members (SAAB Automobile Club Andalucía) also welcome our mileage with pride and satisfaction. In this link we recorded each every year:

    Paul if necessary, feel free to use this information for your fantastic site.


    • Oh wow, fantastic, I’d love to use this as a story for the High Mile Club, just more proof how great our Saabs are.

      And as usual, thanks for the great comments on the blog, sometimes difficult to keep the posts going, but always rewarding when I know lots of other Saabists are enjoying them.

  20. Thanks for sharing. SAAB enthusiasts left us a lot of miles and time remaining to enjoy these different cars. A real pride to increase the number of miles on the odometer.

    Best regards.


  21. Hello I have a saab which has done 206k miles. Is It worth Sending You A Picture Of It. ?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Many thanks

    David United Kingdom

  22. @derek smith check your diesel return pipes ASAP! They let air in to fuel system and lead to black smoke CEL light and limp mode. The unburned diesel (black smoke) will clog up EGR valve with carbon and cause this to fail also (can be cleaned & copper greased DIY)
    The return pipe is GM rubbish and should be replaced with mercedes 4mm internal fuel line or silicone of same dimension! My car was off the road so many times and this was the root cause non start or long cranking to purge air from injection system etc burns starter eventually and dry injector pump is unlubricated so can heat up & fail) these cars have no tank pump- only injector pump so don’t self bleed- have not seen CEL or smoke in 6months/ 8k miles! Could have saved myself a fortune if I found this out early on! Getting 41mpg average now 🙂 I find the occasional ‘italian tune up’ on an empty motorway keeps egr (read turbo) working properly.

    Have a 2.2TiD auto Estate 2004 on 137k miles – UK car now lives in Ireland. The service book shows that this car covered over 50k during her first year on the road! Barely any miles in last few probably down to reliability issues that just needed a decent diesel tech.

  23. My 2004 9-5 2.2 tid wagon has just cleared 167,000 miles with the engine clearing 180,000 previous owner neglected which meant suffered a DMF failure shearing it from the crankshaft, but she’s still going strong and I’m glad I’ve managed to put life back into the old girl.

  24. I am just about to purchase my first Saab , a 2010 Saab Carlsoon auto . This is a powerful and rare Saab ; is it likely to become a classic with so few made , and what do you Saab folks think about it !

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  26. My saab 93 has 100,000 plus mileage.How do I post a picture on your website? Thanks

  27. Hi

    Now my Saab 9-5 Arc Estate 2.2 TDi from 2003 has passed 650 000 km or 483891 miles and still going strong! I commutes every day 220 km to my work in Södertälje. When we bought the car in 2006 the car was on 440 000 km after only 3 years as a Taxi driving between Arlanda airport and Finspång in Sweden.

    During the years no major repairs has been done besides normal service with oil and filter changes and tyres, brakes either during my time as owner or before as Taxi.
    The only little more expensive work I have done besides normal service (engine oil fully synthetic change
    every 20 000 km and automatic gearbox oil every 60 000 km) is that I have changed 1 wheel bearing, handbrake cables and 2 x cpl used Xeon lights. At 600 000 km the first change of rear exhaust system was needed.
    Nothing has been done so far with the engine or the aut gearbox.

    Swedish quality from 2003!

    Best regards
    Lennart Savehed, Sweden

    I will send some pictures via e-mail.

  28. 1991, 9000 turbo, 5speed. Essentially a 9000 Aero before this offering was marked as Aero.

    390,000 miles and counting..

    • Nearly run-in then Rob. That’s a great mileage. I thought my 2001 petrol 9-3 which was on 174,000 when I sold it was good, but diesels do go the extra mile or too. Have you had any major component failures or has it been routine stuff?

      • Owned since 102,000 160,000 New Gearbox as clutch failed in reverse and jammed in gear, 170,000 New Turbo (Fitted 9-5 Turbo replacement) 189,000 Fitted power steering oil pressure pipe, 250,000 both suspension mounts failed at same time hairy driving, 260,000 countless EGR Valve cleanings, 270,000 Hand Vacumn Pump fitted under bonnet to prime diesel injectors before starting as diesel drains back to tank as No pump on this model. 280,000 Front edge of Bonnet so badly rotted bonnet flipped up and damaged windscreen and bent Bonnet, 285,000 Nearside UK (Offside LHD) Rear Wheel Arch due for replacement as rotton away. Completed 183,000 Miles on a GM Opel 2.2 Diesel Engine.

  29. I’m gutted.

    My last SAAB was an 8v LPT classic 3 door 900. I got a pittance of a part exchange for it against a VW passat estate and that was really because I didn’t want to face the cost of another set of front wheel bearings (which were on the way out) which you get to ‘hear’ when you’ve driven a SAAB for a while, and at the time it was a ‘proper’ SAAB service which meant every time I spoke to them after a repair it was £600.. (1992). This one had 166,000 miles on it. It was immaculate. I wish I had it now. I had previously had 3 other SAAB’s and loved them all.

    I want another 900 classic.

    To be fair, my Passats have served well. 180,000 miles on the first, 300,000 on the second and currently 145,000 on my third.

    We’ve just bought another SAAB. A 2008 9-3 Aero Convertible TTiD. Only 50,000 miles. This won’t be going anywhere, (apart from Italy next month, for a month, from the UK – so that’ll add a few miles 🙂 ).

    Looking longingly at a 230,000 mile classic 3 door 900 non-turbo as a compromise for my previous loss currently. SAAB’s are still the stuff dreams are made of..

    • Great story and thanks for sharing, shame you haven’t got to enjoy your classic 900 over the past years, but 9-3 Aero convertible is a stunning Saab. Feel free to send a few photos if you get the chance.

      • 2000 miles into our Italy trip and I have a couple of photos.. Everything is running smoothly and the car moreso than at the start. Having a decent run has blown the cobwebs out and the edges have been smoothed off the new front tyres making for some enjoyable motoring. Not at 1000,000 miles yet – but one day.. 🙂

  30. HI all
    I have had SAAB 93 in the past and the current one 93 2002 model is at 205000 kms. I am going to buy 2007 model 93 with 196hp already has 210000 kms. It is in good condition, first owner was the SAAB dealer and then it was purchased by an older gentleman who has had it for 5 years. Should I buy this car?
    your input and advice would be highly appreciated. thanks, sumeer

    • Hi Sumeer, obviously difficult to say without seeing the car, but no reason to worry about the mileage as long as it has benefited from being maintained by someone who knows Saabs. All of the regular service items should have been changed by now, cambelt, water pump, sump dropped and cleaned, etc. So I’d suggest going with your gut feeling – if it drives beautifully and feels tight, it’ll very probably serve you well. Good luck

      • HI, Thank you for your reply. I appreciate that. I got the car, it has been well maintained over the years with new clutch, water pump and climate control etc. The car definitely drives good and feels good.
        Best, sumeer

  31. Hi there,
    first of all I want to say tank you for your much appreciated web site about our beloved Saab’s.
    Secondly I own a 2008 Saab 9-3 TTid Aero with Irsch (factory) kit, she has now around 164000 miles and I am planing to go in two months to Portugal for holidays, which it will add about 1500 miles each way.
    Question: is it ok to take her for another long drive? Watt should I look for before? I.E. clutch, gear box?? , etc etc



    • Hey Carlos, thanks for the appreciation and also the photos, I’ll get your great 9-3 added shortly. Personally, i’d get a quick oil change and check, but in reality, 3k isn’t much for a Saab, I sometimes cover that in a normal month’s driving so really shouldn’t cause any issues. Have a great road trip and share some photos if you get a chance

      • Hi, I hope you don’t mind me contributing, but we’re at 2900 miles of probably a 3800 mile trip and theres a few things I’d like to pass on to the modern day SAAB traveller..

        Before I left I had the car fully serviced. This was about 4 weeks before the trip to allow for consequential and/or incidental things to crop up, which they didn’t, so, despite this 400 miles into the trip the “Service Now” warning popped up… thats about +1000 miles after the service – so I guess that wasn’t reset properly

        After 2000 miles we had problems.. “Reduced power” warning. So, you summise that it ‘might’ be a consequence of the “Service Now” warning or something else… DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) blocked or the EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) valve not working correctly? Couldn’t be the EGR, that was replaced about 2000 miles ago so guessed the DPF had problems.

        Neither of those were the case. The Intercooler hose had split. Now thats just down to wear and tear with the pipes being 8 years old. The SAAB service centre we found couldn’t get a spare part so they ‘fixed’ it with sticky tape and rubber bits until we got home 🙂 We found them on

        So theres no guarantee once you leave home, but basic repair stuff would be useful and maybe a cheap plug-in analyser that would read engine codes to make diagnostics easier. Add in sticky tape and basic repair tools too.

        Our SAAB 1.9 TTid Aero has survived 1000 miles with the “sticky’ tape fix up to now,without any warnings and we’ve ran a DPF cleaner through the system too – just in case – (increasing MPG in the process, surprisingly).

  32. Hi there,
    Thank you for your info. Yes I have done a full service last week. So I am prepared for the travel. I am just a bit concerned about the high mileage of my car but looks like is ok for a Saab to do more and more miles.
    Any way thank you for your help.

  33. As an owner of a 2004 Black 9-3 Aero 6-speed I have racked up 301,000 miles so far. All that on the original clutch! For the past 5,000 miles I have noticed that the clutch is slipping and so I think it is ready to be repaired. I ran Castrol 5w 40 Titanium Edge Oil since the day I bought it with 10,000 miles. I do a lot of highway driving so I am sure that has a lot to do with the fact I was able to go so long on the original clutch.
    Looking to get another 100k on the engine if I can. I have read many nightmare stories but I guess I am one of the lucky ones.
    Happy Motoring!

    • Hey Serge, that’s a respectable mileage, and sounds like the type driving together with regular servicing has served you well.

      I’ve gone through some 15 Saabs now and can say with all honesty, I haven’t really suffered any major issues. I always think the horror stories are spread way more than the thousands of uneventful, trouble free stories that could be told 🙂

      Thanks for sharing, and if you fancy adding your high miler to the club, send me a few pictures and I’ll add it.

  34. Hi again,

    Now my lovely Saab 9-5 2,2 TiD Arc Estate 2003 just passed 700 000 km or 434959 miles still nothing done with engine or aut gearbox just service.

    Kind regards Lennart in Sweden

  35. I hope you’re still running this site. Cause, ya know, the mileage on these babies ain’t going down 😉

  36. have a 2003 saab 9-3 vector ,2.2tid ,done 155,000 mile,engine sweet as a nut,replace oil every 5000 ,love my car .

  37. hi will upload some pics of my 2003 2.2tid vector ,157,000 mile on clock,sweet as a nut,jay cornwall,still growls at me like a bitch.

    • Hey JD, I’m currently attempting to get the High Mile thing up and running again, see latest post, and if you’d like your added, get a pic over to me with the details and I’ll do my best. Cheers Paul

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