The others

Just to qualify why I think SAAB’s are such great cars, i’ll be attempting to create a photographic memoir of my other cars since the late 80s. To me, the 6 SAAB’s i’ve also owned really have stood out as far superior ‘lifestyle’ cars, and by that I mean they are great to live with, day in, day out.

Some, such as a 1970’s VW Bettle won’t appear unless I stumble across an old photograph I can scan and upload, others, such as an awful Volvo 340 won’t appear either, because it was a mistake purchase, kept for less than a month and regretted ever since.

I’ll begin with A’s

And on to the B’s

And some others between C and Z

L is for Lexus

L is for Lexus GS300h F Sport: Exclusive, understated style, exceptionally cosseting, silent and efficient. This is the car that has replaced my beloved 9-3 Hirsch TTiD, it’s not a Saab but to me, a far superior choice than any current competition that you see on every driveway in England.

Note: This is now my everyday driver, it can’t replace a Saab and won’t be featured anywhere else on this blog, neither should it.

M for Mercedes; The current one before the arrival of the mighty SAAB 9-3. An extremely enjoyable car, but in a very relaxed, mellow way. Wind the pillerless windows down and enjoy, I’ll be a little sad to see this one go!

8 thoughts on “The others

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  2. I’ve also experienced a few german marques in my time, I like to be different and I think it was the Lexus IS200 that started me off – it was a great car and never let me down. And then in 2010 I needed a new car and I was looking for an Audi A5 but I came across a 2009 Saab 9-3 TTID in the BCA car auction…I bought it…and then I panicked and thought what have I done – it’s a Saab, looks nice but has a bit of an old man’s imagine..but how wrong was I! There’s just something about it that I cant put my finger on – it’s the way it drives, it just feels part of me. I think the 9-3 (especially the facelift) got such a bad press – I can go on and on about the the great seats, the amazing xenons, effortless power…it’s not been the most reliable car (alternator, EGR valve) but my, what a great car to drive….

  3. Was just looking at “the others” and thought how spooky…I was also a massive Alfa fan for years, my last one being a 156 Sportwagon which I owned until 2003 when we decided to move over to Saab(was badly let down by both our local Alfa dealer and Alfa Romeo GB head office, but that’s another story). I really loved the Sportwagon, was somewhat sad to see it go, but then have had no regrets with Saab.

    • Wow, slow reply, sorry G. I still love Alfas, if fact we have a loner when we’re out in Italy this year. Oddly though, they’re not aging to well, whereas the Saab Sportwagons are pretty much timeless. Thanks for the comment.

  4. It’s uncanny the similarities of these responses.have loved my old Alfas,had a dozen Saabs so good some mistakes but always fun!Lexus is really the only car to buy,if you use only your head and not the heart.After going the BMW route briefly,have gone with the heart and brought a Viggen convertible ! The smile hasn’t left my face with the sheer pleasure of driving the beast.Great blog,

    • The Viggen is a seriously great car, and with the roof down, i’m not sure many new convertibles can compete for all round fun. Agree about Lexus too, it seems like the new Saab to me – a considered purchase and definitely cars for the individual, they’ve now released their Turbo models too, says it all. Thanks for the comments, always good to know others are still enjoying the blog.

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